You think you’re a sex addict, which is why you’re reading this article to ascertain whether or not you need help. Worried? Don’t be. Here we will clear your doubts. Some signs of having sex addiction are obvious, like wanting to have sex 24x7, but some signs are too subtle to be noticed. So do keep an eye out for the following signs we have summarized.

Signs of Sex Addiction


You live a double life

This could be applied to many different scenarios. For example, you could be in a committed relationship with a woman who loves you but can’t satisfy you, so you seek for satisfaction elsewhere. Or you could be a single guy who is never in a relationship because you end up sexually exhausting women very quickly. In both scenarios, however the people closest to you have no idea about this aspect of your life. Much like Hannah Montana, you lead a double life, except in this case you’re very ashamed of the secret that you hold.


It’s disrupting your life

You’re having sex at the cost of everything else. Remember that one time you ended up having sex with your office hottie in the office bathroom and were almost caught by the boss? It gave you a rush but it never discouraged you from not being such an idiot before. Or remember when you cheated on your girl multiple times simply because you wanted to have sex? Or when you had unprotected sex with a random woman simply because you couldn’t keep it in your pants? You are doing things that are going to screw you over in the future, and you just don’t care. This is one of the worst signs of sex addiction.


You hate yourself

I mean sure, you could be a self-deprecating idiot. But there are greater chances you’re not happy with who you have become because whatever you do, it ends up hurting you or the ones closest to you.


You’re dependent on it

Much like addition to drugs or alcohol, you’ve started to realize that sex is one thing that you simply cannot live without. You need to have a fix daily, if not multiple times a day. And what’s worse is that its frequency has simply kept on increasing and shows no sign of slowing down.


You promise you’ll change

But you fail to keep your promise every single time.


Your kink needs to be fed more and more

It’s just like in the case of drugs – you feel numb with each swig you take, which forces you to take more and more to feel the high that you initially used to feel.


You feel powerless

And that’s because you’re an addict. As explained above, your addiction is no different than other forms of addiction where the addict feels too powerless to be in control of his actions. You can see that it’s ruining your life but you can’t help but indulge in more and more sex. Feeling powerless is one of the most common signs of sex addiction.


You masturbate all the time

And I do mean all the time. Morning, noon, evening and night – you do it whenever you can. During office break, right after waking up, right before going to sleep, sitting right next to your sleeping boyfriend and what not. And that’s because masturbation is a substitute for a real partner.


You haven’t had a healthy relationship for a long time

That’s because all you want from women (or men) is sex, and really, exactly how many people out there would be totally okay with it? Once they see that you’re not interested in any emotional involvement, they quickly dump you. Or, you know, you cheat on them and then they dump you. Either way, you haven’t had a serious relationship in months (or even years) and that, my friend, is a scary sign.


It gets in the way

This is one of those signs of sex addiction that most people cannot recognize immediately. You’re on the verge of losing your wife, husband, girlfriend, friends, job, money or anything else that is important to you, all because of how reckless you have been in being so sexually active.


It has psychological effects on you

Addiction of any type has a deep psychological impact, including feelings of guilt and shame, which forces the addict to combat those feelings by depression, anxiety, substance abuse, addiction to porn, etc.


You don’t mind being paid for sex

Which essentially makes you a prostitute/gigolo. Ask yourself – to what depths would a human being’s addiction have to fall before they have to start selling their body in order to pursue their addiction?


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