True love is amazing (for those who believe in it, of course). And no matter where we look, there are couples who say they are in loving and fulfilling relationships. For women, a serious relationship can be a tricky road because of all the heartbreaks she’s already endured. This leaves quite a lot of women confused, having a lot of trust issues, especially with men. So how does a woman know if he is truly in love with her? What gives her that confidence that her heart (and his) is in the right place?

Signs of True Love from a Man

There is a soothing feeling that comes from being in a loving relationship, especially when one is sure that his or her love is reciprocated with trust and affection. But is it love, or simple attraction? Know it from all signs listed below.

He shows affection publicly

This is as real as it gets. A man who holds your hand or kisses you in public is definitely in love with you. People tend to be shy when it comes to public display of affection, and it takes a lot to not mind what “people might say”. That means he is so comfortable with you and willing to be with you above all else.


He says "we" more than "I" or "you"

This, of course, is a big deal. This tells a woman that he is consistently thinking about the two of them as a single entity. Words with "we", like "we are in this together", build trust. It assures you that this man is a keeper because he values the fact that he is with you, and is constantly thinking about you.


He has introduced you to his family

If this doesn’t say "true love" as loud as loud it can be, then nothing does. It takes a LOT of commitment for a man to take a woman to meet his family. So when a man does this, know that he fully trusts you and wants to go all the way with you. The "meeting the family" stage is softly saying "this is long term" and "I am not here to play with your heart". This remains one of the sweetest signs of true love from a man.


His actions complement his words

Sure, it feels nice to hear those sweet words whispered into your ear, but how does your man behave? Does he say "I am always thinking about you" and then forget your birthday? (You get the idea). He really loves you if he says what he means and he means what he says. His words and his actions are in sync and there is no doubting him. When such a man makes a promise, you can rest easy knowing that he will do his best to come through on his word.


He goes out of his way to make you happy

How does this work? If he knows you like ice cream from a particular place, he will not wait till he is in that area to get you the ice cream. Nope. He would make the extra effort just to get you something you like. That is a small example, but it paints a clear picture. Observe the man in your life and see if this is one of his traits. It is one thing to be sweet only when it is convenient but true love is different. It is sweet and thoughtful even when it is not convenient.


You discuss the future together

This is one of the more subtle signs of true love from a man. If a man is only interested in a short-term relationship, then he does not feel the need to discuss any future plans with you, let alone discuss both of your futures as one. However, a man who does exactly the opposite of this truly loves you and is willing to invest everything it takes to manifest the future he dreams of with you. The best part is that he sees the future with you in it. All relationships need a person like this.


He does his best not to hurt you

In a relationship, there must be a time when one person is not so happy with another, or perhaps a time where some harsh truths must be told. A man who is truly in love will say what he has to say with all the love he can muster. The tone of his voice is all you need to sooth you at the point. Other cases where he may hurt you are also reduced to the barest minimum, like when he has to bail on a date or postpone a promised event because of professional commitments. Even then, he makes sure he calls in advance and explains everything while making it up in the near future.


He likes who you are

One of the more uncommon signs of true love from a man is that he does not pressure a woman into doing anything that she doesn’t want to do. Today, women are frequently told to fake one thing or two in order to be appealing. A man who is truly in love with you will let you know that looks don’t matter; he is happy with you the way you are (think Bruno Mars). This spells out true love and it encourages openness and being real in any given relationship.


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