Guys, let’s get one thing straight. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your girl being in touch with her ex, especially if they parted on amicable terms. What’s suspicious, though, is when they seem too close for comfort to you. So are you being overly jealous and imagining things, or is she still not over him?

12 Signs She Still Loves Her Ex


Physical contact

Now there’s nothing suspicious if she occasionally touches safe zones like his hands or shoulders, especially if she’s laughing out loud. But have you noticed too much contact from her side on his body, on areas which are not considered platonic? Like his waist, thighs or lower back? Friends don’t usually touch each other in such areas, except when it’s a girlxgirl friendship or people from different sexes are childhood friends.


Physical proximity

How does she usually sit when her ex hangs out with you? Does she sit by your side, at an equal distance from both, or does she plop herself right next to him? The first scenario indicates that all is well, the second shows that she takes a neutral stance in order to not disappoint either of you. However, the third stance is worrisome because which girl in her right mind would sit beside her ex, when her current boyfriend is sitting right in front of her?


He’s often invited to social gatherings

Irrespective of whether or not you’re present at them. I mean, if they share the same job or client, or even mutual friends, I’d understand the situation. You can’t help but face each other at such events. But one of the clearest signs she still loves her ex is when she invites him for the sole purpose of interacting with him. And if she’s doing this much interaction in public, there’s no limit to imagining how much interaction (if at all) is happening in private.


She always excuses his behavior and actions

I mean, it was almost as if she was defensive of him. Everything that he does or doesn’t do is the fault of his situation, surroundings and the people around him – it’s never his fault. He’s always a good guy, underneath that rough exterior. Which makes you wonder exactly why someone would go to such lengths to protect a loser like her ex.


She’s his 3 am call

Whenever he’s in trouble and needs help, she is the first person he reaches out to. Worse, she always obliges. And you’ve had many arguments because of this, but she simply doesn’t listen. And it’s entirely possible she has helped him behind your back in order to avoid unnecessary arguments.


He always has her emotionally distressed

Want to know more signs she still loves her ex? Well, this one’s a winner: The smallest of things he does, doesn’t do, says or doesn’t say, trigger an immediate reaction from her. Now this would be okay if she were the kinda gal that overreacted in every situation. But if she isn’t such a person, then the only reason she would give such reactions would be that she still has feelings for him.


He’s all over her social media

And/or she’s all over his social media.

Why would you do that with someone you made a conscious decision of not being romantically involved with? There’s friendship, and there’s unhealthy dependency on each other. Do not confuse the two in your bid to being open minded.


They exchange a LOT of texts and pics

I mean, if it’s work or group photos, that’s okay. But only selfies? Nah. This is not normal between exes, especially if one or both are in a relationship. There is a certain respectful distance that is expected to be maintained.


She flirts with him

And he flirts back. Harmless flirting is not an issue, especially if it’s not done a regular basis. However, if their flirting makes you (and the ones around you) uncomfortable, then you have to stop and ask yourself, ”Is this really appropriate behavior from a woman you are in a relationship with? How much of it will I tolerate?”


Her behavior around him is remarkably different

Her eyes instantly light up, he demeanor changes and she becomes an entirely different person in his presences. I mean sure, the two had a thing and he knows her better than you know her. BUT that is no reason for her to put him up on a pedestal and not only treat him differently, but treat him better than she treats you. That is incredibly insensitive of her and this is one of those signs she still loves her ex that are very hard to miss.


He knows intimate details of your relationship

It’s actually pretty common among girl-girl friendships. And sometimes girl-guy friendships are close enough to discuss intimate details of each other’s relationships. Especially if they want their friend to help them understand the perspective of their partner. However, you have to understand that this friend once used to be his ex, and it’s terribly inappropriate for her to discuss such details with him, instead of talking to her girlfriends about it.


Comparisons with him are common

Among the signs she still loves her ex that we don’t need to tell you is the fact that you’re constantly compared to her ex – and you seldom come out the winner. Which is weird, because why is she even comparing you to him in the first place? And if he was such an excellent boyfriend, then why did the two break up with each other?


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