It is fun hanging out with a girl whom you feel you have a connection with. But here’s the thing – are you the only person who feels that way, or is she interested in you as well? More importantly, is she interested in dating you? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because here are 11 telltale signs that would help you out.

Signs She Wants You to Ask Her Out


She initiates most of the conversations

It could of course mean that she’s a talkative girl, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, many girls often avoid going overboard with being the first person to send a text, for fear of coming across as desperate or overbearing. But since your girl is not doing that, she definitely doesn’t think that way. Plus, her initiating conversations often indicates that she actually enjoys talking to you, something that not many guys can boast of.


She’s quick when communicating

Talking to her is always fun, more so because she doesn’t take 1000 hours to respond to one text. Plus, as soon as she sees your text, she responds immediately to it (unlike all the rude people out there who leave you at “read”). And when she can’t respond, she always messages you with a “brb” or a “ttyl”. Guys, take note: If a girl is this way with you, then she’s definitely into you. I mean, this could also be her default mode for treating all people with the same amount of respect, in which case you should go on reading more signs she wants you to ask her out.


She finds your jokes funny

And I mean, all your jokes.

And even you know that you’re not that funny.

In that case, there are only two possibilities: 1. She has an odd sense of humor or 2. She’s into you and by laughing at your jokes, she not only wants you to feel better about yourself, but wants herself to stand out among your friends.


She’s inquisitive about you

It’s normal to ask questions about a person when you meet them for the first time…But even you can tell that the questions she asks you are far from what people usually ask. Especially in a short time span. It’s actually because she’s interested in knowing more about you, so that she can weigh her options about whether or not she wants to date you. And if she hasn’t stopped talking to you, congratulations. She wants to take things further with you.


Notice the time periods when she meets you

Is it only during lunch hours, or after her work ends and before she heads off for home? Then you’re nothing more than a companion for her (or she has a really tight schedule). If, however, her schedule for meeting you isn’t fixed, and she meets you at various times of the day, then that means she creates the time to meet you. And when a girl does that, she’s showing signs she wants you to ask her out.


She’ll ask for your recommendations

Now these recommendations could be about practically anything under the sun – new restaurants, bars, pubs, music to listen to, places to visit etc. But the bottom line is that these recs are her way of showing you that she values your opinion. It may also be her way of hinting that she wants to go on a date with you, especially if she asks you about the best places to visit on a first date.


She starts liking your likes

Which is normal if you two had similar interests. But if you and she are two polar opposites and she suddenly starts rooting for the same baseball team that you do, then be happy. She’s done her homework and she’s going for what you like in order to foster a deeper connection with you. And girls don’t do that for guys they are uninterested in.


She usually meets you one on one

If you don’t have mutual friends, that’s okay. But if you do and she still insists on meeting you alone, then she’s definitely hinting that she wants to take things forward with you.


Physical contact

This is one of the most obvious signs she wants you to ask her out. Generally when girls hang out with guys, they tend to maintain a physical distance with them, until and unless they’re close friends. But if you’ve started noticing that she has begun sitting right beside you, has begun touching you more on your shoulders, hands or elbows or displays other signs of physical intimacy, then it means she’s very comfortable with you physically. It could also mean that she wants to get more comfortable with you, in which case you should just ask her out already!


She shares stuff with you

Now depending on her nature and personality, sharing things with you can be divided into 4 categories:

1. Telling you what happens to her in her day to day life.

2. Sharing funny memes.

3. Sharing small problems with you.

4. Sharing her secrets with you.

Irrespective of what she shares with you, you need to understand that she is doing so because she trusts you and has confidence in what you will tell her. And women do this only with men they see as potential partners.


You have been bumping into her often

It’s very likely that she’s been keeping tabs on you so find out your usual hangouts spots, so that she could “accidentally” bump into you, and then use it as a means to strike a conversation with you.

Flattering, or stalkerish? You decide.


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