Look, we need to establish certain ground rules when it comes to “chasing” a woman. When I say “chase” I do not in any way mean you stalk or harass her with your presence. If she’s made it clear she’s uncomfortable with you or is not interested in you, then you have no option but to respect her right to say no, and back off.

This article on signs she wants you to chase her is meant for those girls who are genuinely interested in you, but for some reason or the other, won’t make the first move on you. And if you’re confused as to whether or not she wants to take things further, no worries. These signs will definitely help you out.

Signs She Wants You to Chase Her


Quick communication

A girl who is uninterested in a man often ignores his texts, or takes way too long to respond. However, if she’s relatively quick to respond to your texts or emails, it’s a positive sign from her end. And when she can’t respond, she will often message you with a “brb” or “ttyl” because it’s totally rude to leave someone on “read”.


Proper responses

Sometimes, girls often find it too rude to blatantly ignore texts sent by guys, in which case they opt for answering texts with generic one word responses, like “k” “lol” “ooof” or “yeah”. But if your girl takes the effort to formulate proper responses to you (and I don’t mean essay typing responses), then she definitely wants to talk to you more.


Meaningful conversations

This is one of the more subtle signs she wants you to chase her. I mean, it’s always fantastic to share funny pics and have light hearted conversations, but you can’t help but notice how she herself will sometimes initiate deeper conversations, most of which usually happen during night time. That’s a good sign, because when she’s free from work and alone in her bed, she’s thinking of you and wants to keep on talking to you.


Sharing personal information

I mean, the kinda information you don’t generally share with just about anybody. Like, embarrassing secrets, annoying habits, her past, her family or even her future. Such conversations are her way of showing you that she finds that worth telling these things to, she trusts you and has faith in your capacity as her potential partner.


She seldom refuses dates

It’s totally normal to refuse or reschedule a few dates because of your own schedule. So until and unless she’s been creating excuses for not meeting up with you on dates, or to even just hang out with you, you’re in the clear. That’s because women don’t make the time or take the effort to meet dudes they’re not interested in, you know.


She dresses pretty when she meets you

You’ve seen how she dresses when she’s with friends, and you’ve seen how she dresses when meets you. And boy, there’s quite the difference between the two. She dresses up specifically for you in order to present the best version of herself, without going overboard. The next time you meet her, notice the subtle differences – her lipstick, earrings, perfume and hairstyle. Are they the same that she usually wears when she’s not on a date with you? If not, then this is one of the clearest signs she wants you to chase her.


She’s physically close to you

Whenever it’s just the two of you, she will often touch you in your non sexual zones, like your elbow, hands, fingers shoulders or even waist. She might even go a step further and do something more intimate like wipe the sauce off your face with her own fingers. Keep in mind that such suggestive gestures are reserved only for men that women are interested in.


Check her body language

Apart from physical intimacy, there are certain signs that women give when they are in the presence of a man they like. These signs include:

  • Biting her lip every once in a while

  • Playing with her hair

  • Smiling often

  • Have her feet pointed towards you when she’s sitting or standing opposite you

  • Maintain eye contact

  • Laugh


She has a fire and ice attitude

It’s a little sad when grown up women give mixed signals to men they are interested in, instead of giving them clear signals. But it is what it is. Some girls will act all hot and bothered one minute and then pretend as if you don’t exist, the other minute. On other words, she’s playing hard to get, but keeping you interested enough in her so that your mind doesn’t wander off towards other women. In a woman’s mind, such behavior is equivalent to sending you “clear” signs she wants you to chase her.


She discusses other guys with you

Well, this could mean one of two things – she totally sees you as a male companion/friend, and loves having your input on the guys she’s interested in. Or, she discusses these guys in front of you to see how you react. Why? She wants to see whether you really like her (in which case such a topic would annoy you), or whether you’re looking at her as just another sex partner in which case such a topic would not bother you).


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