A lot of men often find it difficult to understand the signals women give them. It’s not always because women are deliberately ambiguous about their feelings – it’s because men can be astoundingly clueless when it comes to the opposite sex. So if you’re interested in a girl and want to keep an eye out on the signs she wants you to make a move, keep reading on. But, here is the warning: making a move does NOT mean getting physical, like kissing or touching her without her consent.

Signs She Just Wants You to Make a Move

Sometimes, the signs given by a woman can be clear as day, but sometimes they’re so subtle that you really have to look hard to find them! But don’t worry. This article will help you out.

The Two of You Are Alone in Private Often

Maybe you never realized this before, but if she’s comfortable enough to be with you, alone, especially in secluded areas, it’s a clear sign. The thing is, women take a lot of time to get comfortable with men, so if you two are often alone in private, it means she either really trusts you or feels safe enough around you! Of course, this is NOT a direct invitation to kiss or sex, so please don't make that kind of moves. Just take things slow.


She Touches You a Lot

Sometimes it’s a subconscious move by women and sometimes, it’s very deliberate. Doesn’t matter, though, because if she’s touching you more than what you consider as normal, it means she’s comfortable getting physical with you. It’s one of the clearest signs she wants you to make a move.


She Plays With Her Hair a Lot

As is with touching you, this can be either a subconscious or deliberate move. Either way, if you think there’s a decent number of hair flips or twirling of strands, take the hint! She wants you to make a move.


She Responds Positively to Your Touch

If she doesn’t like you and you go ahead and touch her, she’s going to recoil. For sure! That’s because a lot of women aren’t as comfortable with physical contact as men. On the other hand, if she simply smiles when you touch her hand, it’s a positive sign!


There Are Long Eye Contact

Now this isn’t something limited to women – men display this trait as well. So if you’re looking for signs she wants you to make a move, this is it!

If you have something interesting to say to her and if she’s attracted to you, she will nod, smile and indulge in regular periods of eye contact. The longer the connection, the more confident you should feel that she’s already subconsciously made up her mind about you. Try maintaining eye contact from your side as well – it’ll show her that you too are interested in her.


She Dresses Impeccably When You Meet

Yes, of course women (and men) dress well to please/impress their dates. That’s a no brainer. So if you’ve realized that she looks like a super model every time she meets you (you lucky chap), then she’s definitely into you. Women don’t make a lot of extra efforts to hang out with men they don’t like, you know.


She Lets You Get Into Her Personal Space

Now, she’s not going to let you get physically very close to her, unless she wants you to get close to her. The only reason you’re standing 6 inches away from her face is because she’s letting you, so make the move, man.


She Bats Her Eyelashes

This one’s similar to the hair flips. Fluttering eyes means she is showing interest in you or whatever you’re saying. However, keep in mind that you should wait for at least 2 different signals before you make a move. Who knows, she may be fluttering her eyes so much just because she has dirt in her contact lens!


She Asks to Go to a Quieter Place

Erm, hello? This is one of the most obvious signs she wants you to make a move. Why else would she even suggest going to a quieter place, unless she genuinely cannot have a conversation with you due to high background noises? Bear in mind a quieter place doesn’t necessarily always mean a place to have sex. Get there, figure out what the girl want via her words, expression, moves, etc. and make your moves accordingly.


Show Off Her Cleavage

Does she always wear dresses or tops that reveal a lot more cleavage to you than normally what other girls show off? Sure, maybe she’s confident and comfortable in her body, but it could also mean that she’s using her cleavage to get your attention (maybe because you’re too clueless to her hints).

If you’re not sure whether this is deliberate or not, try a simple trick. Say something like, "Wow, you look so sexy in that dress." If she blushes, adjusts her dress or becomes self-conscious, then her cleavage action was not deliberate. But if she doesn’t flinch, dude, you’re in!


She Laughs at Your Jokes Even When They Are Not Funny

Does this really need more explanation?


She Brushes Up "Accidentally" Against You

And by accident, we mean deliberately. Once is accidental, sure. But twice? Thrice? Until and unless she’s a really clumsy lady, it’s time you realized it's one of those signs she wants you to make a move, or, at least, the fact that she’s interested in you!


She Asks You to Drop Her Home

The fact that she trusts you with her home/apartment address means a lot to her, even though you may be too dumb to notice that. So the next time any woman asks you to drop her off, do NOT call a cab. That’s a missed opportunity right there.


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