Sometimes, your friends just cannot protect them from becoming a victim of the green-eyed monster. It means that even though their initial intentions are not to hurt you, but they unknowingly do bad thing because they are jealous of you. Really, jealousy is never a good emotion enveloping your friendship. Such people can make you feel bad and keep you from excelling in life. They make you feel insecure or uncertain about your choices and never support you when you make tough decisions. You need to know about signs someone is jealous of you to decide whether you want to be in a relationship with them or not.

Signs That Indicate Someone Is Jealous of You

It is not uncommon to have such people around you who discourage you in every way possible, and having a jealous friend is never going to work in your favor. You may want to check certain signs and do something to deal with a jealous friend.

They Imitate You

It is obvious, isn't it? They cannot be you, so they just try to imitate you and do the same things you have done. It is usually among the top signs that someone is jealous of you. You need to understand that 'imitating' you is not the same as sharing similar interests and tastes with a close friend. Anyone who is clearly trying to copy you might simply envy you. If one of your friends always try to dress, talk, or act like you, you should know there is something wrong. It is never a good idea to be in a relationship or trust someone who determines his/her identity by stealing yours.


They Are Always Very Competitive

A bit of competition is always a healthy thing to have among friends, but too much of it is only going to land you in trouble. This might also be an indicator that one of your friends is seeing green. Even experts believe that excessive competitiveness is usually linked with jealously. Some also say that excessive competitiveness shows that your friendship is overall toxic.


They Offer Insincere Compliments

One of many signs someone is jealous of you is getting insincere compliments from that person. It means that no matter how hard you try, that person will always find a way to downgrade your effort. It means that if you have done something that has earned you the compliments from other people, that 'jealous' friend may ruin it by saying that your success is not because of you but because of something else. You get a job and they say you did not get it because of your abilities but because of your relationship with someone. In simple words, they always say that there is another reason behind your success, not your talent or own effort.


They Question Your Decisions

No matter how satisfied you are with your decisions, that one friend is always going to bring you down at every turn of your life. They question your decisions and suggest that you should have done something else. Say you have planned a vacation with your husband and left your little kid at home with your mother. Instead of appreciating you to have some time off with your partner, they would bring you down by saying that you should not leave your little one home and what could be the consequences of doing so. Know that only a jealous friend is going to behave like this.


They Are Very Insecure

You have to understand that jealous people usually behave that way because of their own insecurities. If your friend is the insecure type, chances are they may also be jealous of you and do not mind doing things to downgrade your efforts. Research shows that people who have a sense of self-esteem and are comfortable with themselves are less likely to be jealous of those around them. If your friend is not secure in how they are, they are more likely to act under the influence of the inner green-eyed monster.


They Keep Reminding You of Your Failures

One of many signs someone is jealous of you is that they behave negatively when you share something good about you with them. If you talk about your success, they will try to hurt you by reminding you of your past failures. They spoil your moment by saying that you have to be careful this time because you were not so successful when you had the same chance in the past. You are never going to get a word of encouragement from someone under the influence of that green-eyed monster.


They Humiliate You in Public

This is another very powerful sign that you have a jealous friend. It is fine for a good friend to be critical at times, but they will talk to you in person. Someone not shying away from dragging your decisions through mud and humiliating you in front of the crowd is not worth your friendship.


They Disperse Fake Happiness

If one of your friends pretends to be happy when you share some exciting news, know that they are jealous of you. Dispersing fake happiness is one of many signs of a jealous friend. In reality, they feel sad thinking that you have enjoyed success in something but they should be the ones getting it.

How to Fix the Issue

When you notice signs someone is jealous of you, it is up to you to decide whether you want to continue with the relationship or not. Here are a few suggestions to help you fix the issue:
  • Opt for the Gentle Approach: You may consider handling the matter if you know for sure that your friend is jealous of you. You may find it difficult at first, but it is better to discuss your concerns with them instead of assuming anything.

  • Try to Be Positive: While you may feel bad that your friend is jealous of you, it is possible that they change their behavior with time. Therefore, it is important to be optimistic and give your relationship more time.

  • Know the Reason: It is possible that your friend is jealous of you because you seem to be more popular, have more friends, or get credit for everything. You should get a better idea of what is bothering them and then talk things through to save your relationship.

  • Know When to Move On: It is not always possible to change the way a person thinks about you, so it may be a good idea to simply ignore them and move on with your life. Not giving them any attention is sometimes the best approach, especially when you know that they only act innocent in front of you and talk negative behind your back.


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