It's always a sad thing when one relationship is getting to the end. However, when the time comes, it's better that you make a wise decision than stay together reluctantly. The thing is how can you tell if your relationship is ending? We can generally agree that it is when the bad exceeds the good. And, there are specific signs to look out for.

Signs Your Relationship Is Ending


You Feel Bored

When a relationship begins, it's filled with romance and excitement. After some time, the honeymoon period is over, and all you do is stare at the telly together - no more dates and romantic walks. This is not necessarily a sign your relationship is ending, but you need to address it. Ask your partner to bring back the fun. If he/she does not, you should start reconsidering your stay.


You Do Not Have Sex

Every relationship requires a healthy sex life that suits both your sexual desires and libidos. So if you realize your fun times in the bedroom have turned into some boring activities you do not look forward to, you need to look into the matter as it might be one of the signs your relationship is ending. If you do not want to call it quits, find new ways to make your sex life more exciting.


You Become Negative

If you are in a healthy relationship, you will constantly talk about the positive characteristics of your partner. However, if you start whining and complaining about how unhappy and sick you are of each other, it's a sign your relationship is dying. Note that there is a difference between confiding in someone about your relationship issues and lamenting about your relationship.


You Do Not Make Future Plans

Would you rather spend time alone or with others instead of your partner? This is an indication something is amiss in your relationship. You should always look forward to spending time with your lover. If not, it might be one of the signs your relationship is ending.


You No Longer Have Things in Common

At the start of your relationship, your dreams, goals, vision and ambition might have been aligned. However, with time you grow and mature and then realize that you are on two different paths. It is important to keep checking if you are on the same page and that your long term goals are similar.


You Become Unfaithful

Unfaithfulness shatters a relationship because it breaks the trust and loyalty that you have built over time. Yes, you can survive infidelity, but the minute it becomes a habit for one of you, then it is time to call it quits. This also applies to flirting. If you flirt for the sake of getting affection and keep seeing yourself with another person, then you are emotionally cheating.


You Communicate Less

Communication is a major ingredient in a relationship. Communicating less can be one of the major signs your relationship is ending. If one of you is no longer airing out their issues, then there are chances they are ready to walk away. Lack of communication creates a large gap between the two of you and small issues end up becoming serious problems. Try to take a walk or make reservations in a hotel and air things out.


You Lose Social Circles

When two people are in a relationship, they tag along their social circles and create one large circle. If your partner does not want you to belong to your original circle (your friends and family) because he/she does not like them, it is time you thought about leaving.


You Are Not Progressing

A relationship should grow and evolve. The minute you realize you are going nowhere, you need to address it before you break up. You should be building your futures together, smoothing out any differences and bettering each other not staying on one fixed point.


You Keep Competing

A relationship is not a football game where you record scores and points. You keep reminding your partner what you did the other day, so he/she has to do it today, or you visited his/her family last time now he/she has to come visit yours. If you see this, it might be one of the signs your relationship is ending.


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