Are you going through a rough time with your marriage? This article is intended for husbands who are currently having some trouble with their wives. Listed below are ten signs that may suggest that your lifetime partner is slowly falling out of love with you. If you think you are noticing at least five or more of these signs from your wife, it’s about time to do something and rekindle the romance you once had.

Signs Your Wife Doesn’t Love You


She puts herself before you

Just like when a man sacrifices for a woman he loves, so does a woman. A woman who truly loves her husband will put the needs of her husband first before hers. While some women might prioritize their dreams, when a woman refuses to give up her wants for her husband, the woman might just be using him or the woman does not love the man, simple as that.


She is not your No.1 fan

As your wife, she should be your number one supporter and admirer. Just like men, women can lust over someone who is not attractive, but they can only love someone whom they admire. One of the signs your wife doesn’t love you is when she does not admire you. A woman’s admiration is synonymous for their respect to the person. Your wife’s love for you can easily fade when she starts losing respect for you. Some examples why a woman loses respect for her husband include poor choices, being irresponsible and laziness.


She disrespects your family especially your mom

We’ve heard a lot of wives complaining about their in-laws, and sometimes arguments and fights happen. A woman who truly loves her husband knows that her husband loves his mother dearly and she would do anything just to get the approval of her mother-in-law. She knows that the day she gets married, she is not only married to the man she loves but she has also tied the knot with her husband’s family. This means that being the better half; she has the responsibility to take care, love and honor her new family. If your wife does not respect your parents, she does not respect and love you that much.


You argue all the time

When a woman wants to get your attention, she would throw a cute tantrum. But when she picks a fight on almost everything, it is considered as one of the signs your wife doesn’t love you anymore. When she complains even on small things, it’s time to reflect and assess your relationship. Ask yourself things like how often you argue, what you are arguing about and how you can avoid these. Arguments can never be avoided, but when they happen too often, it can strain your marriage.


You’re no longer her priority

When the two of you just got married, you agreed that you will always find time for each other because it’s just a matter of priorities. It is also healthy that the two of you spend some time apart because this is one way of taking care of yourselves. But if she’s ALWAYS busy at work, needs to see her girlfriends or cancels a date because something came up in the office, one thing is for sure -- you’re not her priority. A woman will always prioritize the man she loves.


She suddenly becomes cold

Women will always love cuddles and intimacy. As husband and wife, one of the validations of your love for each other is through sex. It is where you physically express your longing for each other. One of the signs your wife doesn’t love you anymore is when she suddenly becomes cold or has so many excuses not to have sex with you. If she always tells you she’s too tired or needs to wake up early the next day, this is a big red flag you cannot ignore.


She doesn’t answer your messages and calls

As human beings, men and women are emotionally driven, especially women. So even when there’s no reason at all, they will always find time to call the person they love even if they just want to hear their voice. Consider yourself unimportant if you text your wife and would only reply after a few hours or not at all. One of the signs that she doesn’t care about you is when she won’t answer your calls or can let the day pass even without hearing a word from you.


She’s no longer interested in you

Remember when she used to exert effort just to learn how to play your favorite video game just so that she could spend more time with you? How about when she used to come with you on baseball games? One of the signs your wife doesn’t love you anymore is when she barely shows interest in the things that are happening within your life. If she won’t even ask how your day was or forgets your anniversary, most probably, you’re not special as you were before for her.


She lets you do anything you want

Women can be very territorial when it comes to their relationship. Anyone who goes beyond the boundaries will definitely get what they are looking for. Remember when you had to ask for her permission before you can go out with the boys? How about when she was so jealous when you added a girl on Facebook? When your wife finally suddenly doesn’t get jealous anymore and lets you do what you want, it is a sign that she cares less for you.


You’re not part of her dreams

Just like men, when a woman plans her future, she will definitely include the man she loves. If you noticed that her plans are solely about her, you must reassess your relationship. Another sign is if she is not excited to spend the holidays with you anymore. Women will always plan ahead of their time on how to spend quality time with the persons they love. Signs your wife doesn’t love you anymore is that she takes you for granted and won’t even lift a finger to make your relationship work.


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