Are you familiar with Dawson’s Creek? The day when Joey and Dawson kissed for the first time? The two of them are best friends who transform their friendship into a lasting relationship. But in reality, that is not always the case. As they say, friendship can always be turned into romance but a romantic relationship is hard to transform back into genuine friendship. How does it really feel to sleep with a best friend? And how should you deal with it?

Sleeping With a Friend: What to Do Next


Keep it cool

Stressing too much over the situation will only make things worse, not only it adds unnecessary stress but it might only blow up things even bigger. Do not freak out or panic, keep your cool and relax. The two of you are best friends and best friends protect and understand each other.


Know your first response

So you wake up in the morning with your best friend. You need to handle this situation calmly. If it is a Wednesday, it’s not hard to make an excuse to start dressing up because both of you need to arrive in the offices on time. Then wait for at least an hour and then message her acknowledging what happened that night so she knows that you respect what both of you shared together that night and treat her still the way how you treated her before.


Know what you want

After sleeping with a friend, the following days are crucial as to where your friendship will lead to. Figure out it is a “we” or “me”? Assess your feelings. If you think that you have fallen in love with your best friend, be honest about it. But if not, you should keep some distance, making excuses like that you are "too busy" to meet up on the following days. Don’t be rude but make it obvious that you want nothing but friendship, and please don’t sleep with your best friend again.


Talk to your best friend

After you have thought things clearly, you should talk to your friend and find out how he or she thinks about this. Does your friend see you as just a friend or want something more? Does your friend really just want to have some casual sex or want to elevate the friendship into a romantic relationship? Anything and everything is possible, and the best way to answer the questions bothering you is by sitting down and talking privately with your best friend.


Go back to the friendzone

Awkwardness will definitely be your shadow after spending the night with your best friend. Even if you feel this way, act naturally. But if you think that you can’t get things back to the way they were before you slept with a friend, it’s time to take measures like dedicating all your energy to work, meeting up only when others present, starting dating and finding a partner, etc. Just keep trying and things will get better in time.


Reach out

After spending some time away from your best friend, it’s time to get out of your nest and try to reach out. Remember, you are friends in the first place and nobody wants to lose a good friend. Lucky for you if your best friend is now dating someone new because it means both of you have gotten over that incident. But if you feel that your best friend still longs for that memorable night you shared, keep your guards up. You don’t want to make the same mistake again.


Keep quiet

One of the best things to do in cases like this is to keep mum about it. Sleeping with a best friend is not a good thing to discuss with other people. Not only the whole town will know how well you performed that night but your reputation will be at stake. Think about this -- how will you feel about dating someone who is still best friend with someone they slept with? The same thing goes with you. Talk to your best friend and reach an agreement to just keep it between the two of you.


Test the friendship

No one can tell what will happen to your friendship because it will depend on the two of you. But even you two probably are not sure if things can go back to its normal way. The best way here is to try to hang out together again and see if both of you are still comfortable the way you were before. If yes, then good for you. Sleeping with a friend is like a ship crashing in an iceberg and you have to check thoroughly to see if it is intact. 


Make a choice

After everything that has happened between you and your best friend, you need to make a decision whether you still want to hang out or you would rather stay out of touch. It is your call. But I just want to remind you that best friends are very rare and hard to come by. Not anyone who comes along can replace your best friend. Think twice before making a decision -- is your years of friendship worth giving up because of a night of weakness?


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