Regardless of social norms and what's considered as correct or incorrect, our heart can lead us in an unplanned direction. Yes, your heart sometimes chooses you a man who has a wife and a family. Unfortunately, it's hard to stop your heart from falling in love with a person it selects. And if you get rid of preconceptions and stereotypes, there's only one question out there to be answered. That question is, do you feel good about the fact of sleeping with a married man, knowing that you’ll always be the “homewrecker”?

Why You Should Never Sleep with a Married Man


You’re just a temporary adventure for him

Regardless of how careful he is, of how much he “loves” you, have in mind that you're just a short adventure for him. It's not hard to understand this fact, even though it can be extremely painful and emotional for you, especially if you develop strong feelings for him. Unfortunately, it's the truth. The beginning can be incredibly romantic and the plans about how to catch every free moment to be together can be exciting. Having sex during pauses on a work day or accidental meeting outside is always hot and sexy. However, once that excitement disappears, you become an obligation just like any other obligation out there.


He’ll never introduce you to his friends

No matter how much you'd like to express your mutual love publicly, it will never happen. He's happy being with you in a secret world. He may bring you some expensive presents and lavish care but only when you're alone and hidden well from the public eyes. He'll never allow you to meet his friends, at least not many of them because it would be too risky and his family could discover about his secret affair. Consider being isolated if your choice is sleeping with a married man.


You have to live a secret life

A woman who's sleeping with a married man has to live her life in secrecy. She can't share her most beautiful moments with anyone, except maybe with a few of her best friends. If the wife of that man discovers about your affair, you're risking of losing your lover forever. You should take care of yourself and never forget this thing in case you fall in love with a married man.


He’ll never leave his wife

There is less than 5% of men who leave their wives due to a lover. This fact doesn't give you much chance. There are many reasons for this, including divorce lawsuit, stability, alimony, finances, kids, or maybe residual feelings for his wife. Another thing, don't ever think that he's not having sex with his wife regularly. Regardless of all problems and their intensity, almost every man will continue to consume a sexual life with his wife, even if he swears otherwise.


Everyone is more important than you

His family will always be the most important thing for him, including his wife. Regardless of his negative words about his wife, his obligations toward his family will never be smaller and they'll never stop. Even if he doesn’t have children, he will always feel obliged to take care of her, and it won’t matter if he loves her or not – he has to put up appearances if he wants to live in this society.


You don’t have any rights

You're probably aware that sleeping with a married man doesn't give you any rights, legal or financial, but you still hope that you at least have a strong emotional connection. But in fact, once your romance gets old or stale, your partner will most likely cut every emotional connection with you. It's not because he's an evil man, but that he's a smart person who just doesn't want to destroy his marriage and embarrass his family, and most importantly, himself


He’ll never marry you

Researchers have discovered that only 3% of men marry their lover in the end. And what about the remaining 97%? Well, these men probably keep sharing tales about their sad lives and incompetent wives that they're not able to leave, even though they would like to do it. So it's up to you to understand that you’re nothing more than his toy for playing his dirty games whenever he wants some sex outside of his boring daily routine.


He'll cheat on you

If you're an incorrigible optimist and dreamer and you still hope that you'll find yourself on a list of 3% of women who were sleeping with a married man and later got married with him, please ask yourself whether he's the correct man to make you happy. It's evident that loyalty and sincerity don't mean much to him. If he cheated on his previous wife, he'd most likely cheat on you too. Everything is going to be the same, except that soon enough you'll take over the role of a poor woman which he's not able to leave.


His kids will hate you

You probably don't see it as a big deal right now because everybody is going to live their life, so who cares? Well, this is far from the truth. He WILL stay in a relationship with his children even after divorce. It's not hard to guess what their mother will tell them about you. They'll listen to their mom and may even try to cause your relationship some serious troubles. Your partner won't be able to do anything about that because if he does so, his children will start to hate him. In the end, he'll turn against you or simply leave you - which will lead you to nowhere.


He’ll blame you for his divorce

It's another consequence of sleeping with a married man. Sure, he decided to leave his wife and kids to be able to live with you because he just wanted to live a happier life. However, his divorced life will bring him many troubles, such as financial issues, poor relationship with his children, loss of old friends, etc. It's just the beginning because you'll have your problems as well. In reality, you're guilty of seducing him and you’re the reason he quit his previous marriage. It's a classic self-defense mechanism for protecting himself from remorse and he will never forget that you are the one who destroyed his marriage, even though he was equally guilty.


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