A person with an antisocial personality disorder is a sociopath who is usually insensitive to other’s feelings. Sociopaths are also manipulative and egocentric, do not have remorse and have the ability to lie in order to get what they want. Sociopaths may not go overboard and try to kill you, but they would use and take everything they can from you for their own benefits. This includes your money, your career, your influence or anything you can give.

What's It Like to Be Together with a Sociopath?


They are irresistible

They are sweet talkers. They know what to say, know how to do things and know how to be the life of a party. You can’t ignore them because their charm is simply irresistible. You can’t help but feel good about yourself when you are around them.


They are overconfident

They will convince you that no one can be like them, that you can never find anyone as good as them, and that they are the best. This is what they believe and they will try to prove this to others as well.


They are clingy

They will always want to be around you and being away from you even for a few minutes is very hard for them. You can’t spend time with your friends because they will get jealous and try to call you the whole time you are not with them in person. Being in a sociopath relationship is like being locked in a room with nothing you can do.


They have extreme personalities

They are kind of unstable. They may act like they are very much in love with you now, but treat you so badly tomorrow. Then they are in love with you again. 


They don’t admit mistakes

They will never admit that they are wrong; instead, they will blame other people, even if it was clearly their fault. For them, any failure or hurdle they meet along the way is other people’s mistake. They are not responsible for anything.


They are good liars

Lying is their expertise. Even if you find discrepancies from the story they tell, have doubts and try to point out the gaps, they will always try to distract you or cover them up. In a word, they will never give you the chance to know the truth, ever. But pay attention and you will find out if there are lies or not finally.


Their stares creep you out

We all know that eye contact is very important when talking to someone else. But it is a different thing when a person looks you in the eye and makes you feel uncomfortable. Sociopaths have the ability to do this. If you do feel awkward, just look away.


They seem to be in a hurry

They seem to be obsessed with you. In order to fulfill their wish of spending the rest of their lives with you, they may even try to forward your relationship by rushing things no matter what it takes even if it means having a rocky relationship. A sociopath relationship can force you to enter commitments even if you’re not ready yet. So be careful.


They will abuse your sympathy

No one has a perfect life and everyone has a story of failure to tell. Sociopaths will try to win your sympathy and compassion by telling you their painful past. And once they’ve got you, now is the time to do their hidden agenda. While you feel sorry and want to care for them, they will ask you to do things for them even if it is against your virtues and beliefs. And since you sympathize with them, you will do what they ask you to do, putting aside your pride and integrity.


You’re attracted to them physically

You just can’t keep your hands off them. You are very much drawn into each other and each intimate moment is always better than the last.

Can You Heal a Sociopath with Love?

If the person you love is a sociopath, you will want to believe that he will eventually change for the better and that your love is enough for you to keep him. In reality, there is no psychotherapy or medicine yet for this kind of disorder. And there’s nothing you can do to cure him.

If you choose to be with your man and be in a sociopath relationship, you may convince him to seek professional help. Even though you can force him to consult a professional and give him a deadline to change his behaviors, your man may just lie to trick you and the therapist to believe that he has changed. But the truth is, he is still the sociopath he was before. Or the story may end the other way, he might just decide to leave you or vice versa during the process.

How to Break Up with a Sociopath


Just leave him

While you may still be in love with the person, do not fool yourself by hoping that he will eventually change and get back to you as a better person. Leaving him is the best thing to do. Sociopaths do not take responsibility for their actions; hence, your man will not come after you and apologize.


Seek professional help

Breaking up with a sociopath is not as easy as you think it is. If your man is unpredictable, seek help or advice from professionals or organizations as your man might become violent.


Cut the ties

Sociopaths will not respect your decisions and boundaries. The best thing to do is to cut all forms of connection such as email, phone calls, text messages, social media, etc. If you need to communicate for legal purposes, get in touch through a third party such as a lawyer.


Leave him to himself

It is better and safer to make the sociopath feel that the breakup was his choice. And do not join the games he tries to plot on you and do not react to his actions to avoid falling into his traps. Since, in a sociopath relationship, there will be endless manipulation, so patience and self-control are definitely needed. If you have children with you, it is best to move to another place immediately.


Don’t pity him

After a few weeks, months or years, sociopaths will try to win you back by telling a sad story to gain your sympathy again. Pity people who are truly in pain, not those who try to get it.


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