Have you ever experienced vaginal pain after fingering? Unfortunately, this happens to many women. It is very important to remember that if you are doing something that should be pleasurable, but instead is painful, you’re not doing it right. Here’s what you need to know if you find yourself sore after being fingered

Is It Normal to Be Sore After Being Fingered?

Many people love to engage in sexual fingering. It’s a rather safe thing to do, but sometimes it can hurt – especially if your partner is a bit overzealous. Feeling sore after being fingered typically happens when you weren’t lubricated well enough, weren’t turned on, or weren’t ready for what was happening. Unpleasant friction can also result from your partner’s hand not being wet enough, and that can lead to pain after fingering.

Another problem might be the other person’s hand itself. Is their hand very large, or were they being rough? Were you already tender before you began your sexual play? Did the person have long fingernails that might have scraped your vagina somehow?


Remember, if you are experiencing pain during fingering, tell your partner to stop immediately. The pain is not a normal response to something that should be pleasurable and fun! However, if the soreness is still there, let your body rest for a few days. If you are bleeding from the vagina or surrounding area, or you are in pain for more than 24 hours, it’s time to talk to a doctor. You might have an underlying condition that is causing that kind of hurt. Keep in mind that some medical conditions, such as urinary tract infections or yeast infections, can cause serious pain in the vaginal area. If you ever find that it hurts to urinate, it’s definitely time to see a doctor to rule out any of these infections.

How to Prevent Vaginal Pain After Fingering

When you try it again, employ all of these tips. The soreness should be gone!

If you are sore after being fingered, approach the act differently next time. Ask your partner to go slow and take his time, because you need to be very wet in order to get the intense pleasure you deserve. Make it easier for him to reach you by removing your clothes on your lower body. Explain that there are certain areas of your body that make you feel better than others, and point them out! He might not understand what to do or how female anatomy works.

If you are sore after being fingered, wait a few days before you do it again. In some cases, your body might be ready, but just not used to that kind of activity. If that’s the case, the soreness will go away quickly, and you will be ready for the next round.

Always make sure that your partner’s hands are clean and well-groomed. Someone who has long nails, or someone with dirty hands can transmit bacteria to you, and that could lead to medical problems. In fact, be sure his hands are clean by having an antibacterial gel or cleanser nearby, one that requires no water to work.

If you feel vaginal pain after fingering, you aren’t alone. Here’s one woman’s story:

“I let my boyfriend do this to me a few days ago, and he was so excited about it that he wound up going too far. He wanted to just play with me however he wanted, but he wasn’t experienced enough to understand that I had to be really aroused first. We had a long talk about it and things are better now, but that’s my advice to you – if the man is inexperienced, make him slow down! He has to be gentle from the start in order for both of you to enjoy it.”


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