In today’s world when times are changing and women are demanding to be treated equally as men, there’s no denying the thrill a man feels when a woman approaches him first. However, a lot of men prefer doing things the old school way – making the first move, asking her out on a date etc. However, in order to do so you need to be confident that she likes you. And since you’re no fortuneteller, we’ll help you by showing you subtle signs that she likes you.

Subtle Signs She Likes You


She Asks You a Lot of Questions

If you feel she’s been a little more talkative or more intrusive with her line of questioning, it’s only because she wants to get to know you better. And what better way to do that than by asking you yourself about the things that you like and dislike?


She Sends You Stuff Related to Stuff You Like

For example, if you’re into nature, then has she recently begun sharing nature shots with you? Or articles on the best natural springs in the country, photos of the most breathtaking mountains or waterfalls, macro-shots of animals etc? That’s because she is trying to make a connection with you through something she knows that you love.


She Types (and Deletes) Her Messages a Lot

You’ve often noticed this, but you never gave it a second thought because you thought she was just a slow type. However, if those three dots appear and disappear almost every time you talk to her, it’s because she wants her messages to you to be perfect. So she will type, delete, type, delete and type till she gets the exact words she’s looking for. This is one of the more subtle signs she likes you.


Her Replies Are Always Quick

The reason she replies quickly is because:

1. She doesn’t want to keep you waiting.

2. She wants to squeeze in as much of a conversation as she can with you, and in order to do so, her responses have to be quick.


She Initiates Conversations Quite Often

Especially if you’re the one who’s very busy with his life, or simply are a forgetful person. That’s because she doesn’t want the conversation to dry – the more she talks to you, the more she gets to know you. And the happier that makes her feel!


She Teases You about Missing Her

Now of course, she won’t be serious when she does this – it’s almost always a tease or a joke. So if you’re into her and want things to move further, then be honest – say yes. Let her know you think of her the same way she thinks of you. And if the opportunity arises, ask her out. Because if she hasn’t made a move till now, it’s because she’s waiting for you to make the move first.


Deeper Conversations

Sometimes, when the two of you are alone or having a late night conversation, you’ll notice that the conversation’s tone has shifted from lighthearted to serious/personal. That’s one of those subtle signs she likes you that go unnoticed by many. She’s letting you see a different side of hers, and she wants to see your side as well.


She Laughs at Your Unfunny Jokes

No, it’s not because you’re hilarious or because her sense of humor is in sync with yours. It’s just that if a woman likes a man, she is more likely to find him hilarious than a bum on the street telling her the same joke.


She Does Stereotypical Shit Women Do

Society has conditioned women to always behave in a certain way if they want to catch a man’s attention. Of course, 99% of these pieces of advice are pure BS, but that doesn’t stop us from following them, does it? Here are some of the top offenders:

  • She plays hard to get.

  • She ignores you in order to make you want her more.

  • She acts mysterious.

  • Sometimes she’s friendly but at other times she’s a complete bitch.


She Dresses Up Nicely Whenever She Meets You

You will notice this only if you meet her in an official environment vs. an informal environment. When she’s in a group or hanging out with peers, she dresses normally like any woman her age would. But when she’s with you, you can see that she made an effort to look her best. And that’s because she’s into you.


Accidental Touches

Have you noticed how of late, there has been increased physical contact between you two? Sometimes she’s clumsy and she’ll almost fall on you, or she’ll sit close enough to you to be able to accidentally brush her shoulders or hands against your body. Be careful. More likely than not she’s guilty of showing subtle signs she likes you.


She Invades Your Personal Space

If the girl’s a lot more daring or adventurous, she won’t hesitate to get close enough to you. So much so that you might have to physically back away in order to feel comfortable. But if she’s like your average girl, she’ll do what the rest of them do – lean forward while talking to you. Just to be double sure, check where her feet are pointed at. If they’re towards you, then bingo!


No Physical Barriers Between You Two

Whenever it’s the two of you, notice how many things there are between you and her. Chances are if there is a cup of coffee, a stack of books or even her purse on the table, she will immediately shift them to the side in order to be able to get a better view of you.


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