There are tons of things girls like to hear. But boys being boys are almost clueless about what to say to a woman to make her happy or feel special. They often over think and end up making completely fools of themselves in front of the girl they like. But, fear not! Down below we have a very good list of things that you can say to your lady, which will definitely impress her.

Things Girls Like to Hear

So without further ado, take a look at these things that girls like to hear. Who knows, some of them might end up working like magic for you:

Tell me more about it

This shows her you aren’t one of those jerk guys who talk the bare minimum required in order to get into women' pants. This shows her you are genuinely interested in her as a person, and needless to say, this will make her very happy to be with you.


Let’s go shopping

This might sound sexist, but the truth is that shopping is actually a pretty therapeutic exercise, both for men and women. Science has already proven that. Plus, who needs any reason to buy stuff in order to look good?


You’re beautiful, inside out

A lot of guys think it is okay to call a woman “hot” “sexy” or even “fuckable”, but the truth is, that’s not what a lady wants to hear. A lady wants to know that you love her more for what’s on the inside than what’s on the outside, and these words give exactly that to her.


Your intelligence turns me on

Again, so many guys think that complimenting a woman on purely her looks or appearance is okay and more than enough, that it’s astounding. No. In a patriarchal society, women crave more to be complimented, or at least, acknowledged for their accomplishments, which have nothing to do with their physical appearance. So go on – say these words because they are exactly the type of things girls like to hear.


Don’t worry – I’m here for you

Which girl doesn’t love a man who’s there by her side through thick and thin? Every girl needs that one person in her life who she can call at 3am to pour her heart out. Be that man for her, and see how she begins to trust and love you more.


I can’t wait to see you

This shows her that you have her on your mind a lot, and that you simply can’t bear any separation from her, no matter for how small a period of time. So go ahead and text her these words, and watch her heart simply melt away in love.


I wouldn’t change anything about you

You like/love her because of who she is, right? With her flaws? Then tell her! A lot of women are insecure about who they are or what they look like (thanks to society) and if these words by you can make her more secure, then why not say them to her? It’s one of those things girls like to hear but guys have no idea to say out loud!


I don’t care what people think or say about you

You don’t have any reason to believe them over her, do you? She should know that you love her and have faith in who she is, and that people’s opinions about her (mostly negative ones) don’t bother you, nor should they bother her.


The truth. Duh

Why would you even lie to her? If you like, love and respect her, then, if anything, she should be the one person in your life that you should be the most honest to. Sure, women like compliments and sweet words, but if given an option, most of us girls would prefer the stone cold truth to a beautiful lie. Trust is a two-way street – to get her trust, you must give her your own.


Confide in her

When you share your innermost thoughts, feelings and fears with her, she knows that you trust her. And what can be a better compliment for a girl than a guy’s trust in her? Don’t think that makes you look weak. Quite the opposite – it makes you look strong enough to fight your fears and insecurities and have enough faith in her that you can be completely open in front of her.


More Things Girls Like to Hear

Here are some more things girls love to hear. Let us know what you think about them!

  • I love you. These 3 magical words are sure to make any girl swoon. But only say them if you mean it.

  • Will you spend your life with me? This one’s best said to her if you’ve been in a serious and committed relationship for a long time.

  • You never stop surprising me. This shows her that her actions and work are yet a mystery to you, and that you enjoy unravelling everything she does.

  • I am lucky to have you. These words are self explanatory and need no explanation.

  • I’m proud of what you’ve accomplished. And then continue to list all the things she’s done that make you so proud of her.

  • You’re not fat. And even if you were, I’d still love you the same. Because it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

  • I love it when you... Then list all the little things that she says or does which make you fall more in love with her.

  • Your taste in fashion is excellent. This shows her that you know and appreciate that she takes her time, energy and money out to dress well for you.

  • You look prettier without makeup. Do away with her insecurities. Tell her she doesn’t need makeup to look “beautiful”. This is literally one of the best things girls like to hear.

  • You make me a better person. And I’d never want that to change about myself.

  • I’ll always support your career, goals, dreams, ambition, passion, because sometimes, the best thing that you can give her is your unwavering support.


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