There are things guys do that girls hate, and there are things guys do that girls love.

Men, are you ready to take notes? Because all these points that I’m about to mention will ensure you making your girl happy, while simultaneously earning several brownie points from her.

15 Things That Girls Will Definitely Appreciate


When they take an initiative

Now this could be something as small as arranging the details of your next date, or something as big as taking the lead in the bedroom. Of course, different things work for different girls, and until and unless you’re a complete dominator, you’ll definitely enjoy him taking the lead from time to time.



Can be before or after sex, or even without sex. Either way, let’s admit it – cuddling is way more meaningful than sex, and we women enjoy when guys cuddle with us, without us having to ask for it!


Doing our chores for us

It could be because we’re tired or overworked, because we’re not in the mood to or simply because our partners are fantastic people. In all scenarios, completion of chores are among the sweetest things guys do that girls love, because it shows that they care for us.


Breakfast in bed

Why not? Which girl doesn’t enjoy being pampered every once in a while? And bonus points if that breakfast is just out of the blue (and not because of any special occasion like your birthday or VDay).


He gushes over your pictures online

And not in a creepy “I’ve posted 50 emojis under your picture” kinda way. His comment will always be kind, cute ad positive, without sounding overly sweet. Some guys go the extra mile and post cute selfies of theirs with their partners, and declare to the entire world how much in love they are with them.



He says what he does, and does what he says. There’s no duality in either his words or actions, which means you can rely on him whenever he says, “I’m there for you, babe”. And while this may not immediately pop up in the minds of girls when asked about things guys do that girls love, it’s definitely in the top 5.


Making you his priority

Maybe not always his #1, but it sure feels like heaven when he does put aside everything once in a while to give 100% of his focus to you.


Playing with children

Be it in the market or in the super market. Whenever guys start playing or at least teasing, little children, our hearts melt. Bonus points if during family meetings, said guys keep the children preoccupied by playing with them, so that the adults can spend some quality time together with each other.


Picking up tampons

Isn’t it a massive turn on for girls when their partners rush to the nearest store to buy them tampons or pads because their girlfriends have run out? No shame, no embarrassment – just one thing in mind, “My girl shouldn’t feel any discomfort.”

Speaking of rejecting social norms in favor of being practical...


When they are outspoken feminists

There are different types of feminists – the kind that believe in equality but aren’t vocal about it, the kind that won’t shut up equality, the kind that fight about equality on the drop of a hat, the kind that very maturely explain to sexists why they’re wrong…So on and so forth. So when guys talk about treating women as equals (and meaning what they say) it’s something that definitely features on the top of the list of things guys do that girls love.


Accepting that they like ‘feminine’ stuff

Grooming, spa days, chick flicks, manicures or threading – we love men who embrace their feminine side and aren’t ashamed or embarrassed about this side of theirs. They’ll wear their pink shirts with pride, they won’t care that their hair sometimes uses up more products than yours, and they definitely enjoy your dates to the unisex salons where both of you prep yourselves up to simply feel better about yourselves.


Making a fool of themselves

Just to make us laugh when we’re down. Seriously, nothing beats that, especially when you are in public.


Taking things slow

Especially when it is a girl’s first relationship. Sex is always intimidating when you’re a virgin, and society doesn’t help with all the pressure it puts on us for being “losers” just because we haven’t had sex (and ironically calling us “whores” because we’ve had sex). Most men go with this flow because it suits their agenda of satiating their physical needs, which is sad because they don’t realize that emotional needs are equally important in relationships. So kudos to guys who are ready to wait weeks, months or even years before you’re ready to have sex with them. These guys (though very, very rare in existence) have our utmost respect!


Being a gentleman

Not every single day, of course. That would be exhausting. But on special occasions, stuff like holding the door, pulling your chair before you sit down, or wanting nothing more than to cuddle with you – these things count. They impress us and show us how much we really mean to you.


Smelling good

Oh my God, nothing beats the scent of a man who smells like a slice of heaven. Not the super manly or macho smells, but the ones with softer notes – preferably floral. They send us into a tizzy and make our heads go va-va-voom!


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