Settling down is wonderful – getting to grow old with the man you love is fantastic and an unparalleled feeling. However, you have to make certain sacrifices and adjustments when deciding to bind your life with someone else’s. This is why if you’re single right now or are planning on getting married soon, then here’s a bucket list of things to do before you get married.

What to Do Before You Get Married


Travel by Yourself

I mean, after marriage you’ll be literally spending the rest of your life with your partner. Who knows if you will have the time, energy or inclination to go on solo trips then? You should make such trip at least once in your life, because not only do they help you gain knowledge, but you gain confidence that would have never shown up if you would have travelled in the company of friends. The trip could be to a city nearby or a different continent altogether.


Travel with Your Besties

If you feel traveling alone is not something for you, then how about a girls only trip for things to do before you get married? I mean sure you can go on one after marriage, but the constant calls from your husband or updates about your child are something you could totally avoid when you’re single. Feel happy, liberated and free when you’re travelling with your besties!


Regular Girls’ Nights Out

Don’t have enough money to travel with your besties to different places? No worries. Plan your very own girls’ nights out, ranging right from binging on Netflix to strip club hopping. Laugh, drink, eat, have fun and create beautiful memories with your besties.


Live Alone

Maybe for a month, or maybe for a year. It can be because of work or pleasure, but at least once in your life you have to experience how it is to live your life on your own terms without having any interruptions from family or flat mates. It also brings with it its own set of responsibilities, like cooking for yourself, cleaning, paying your bills and what. So if you’re looking to grow in nature and character, then living alone should definitely be one of the things to do before you get married.


Face at Least One Fear of Yours

Especially if it’s about sharing your life with someone. Go ahead and live in a rented apartment or a girls’ hostel. Facing one (or multiple) fear will help you overcome bigger fears of your life as well, including getting hitched.


Get More Physical

Why not? ‘Now’ is the best time to get into shape. If you’re single, become hotter and improve your likelihood of getting better dates. If you’re in a relationship, then surprise your partner with your weight loss. Either way, you have nothing to lose – except unnecessary amounts of cellulite on your body.

If You Are Already in a Relationship


Meet His Parents

This is one of the most things to do before you get married. Because believe it or not, even in today’s day and age, it takes an exceptionally secure man to go against the wishes of his parents. So you need to ensure that his parents like you enough to approve of your marriage. If not, either be ready to have very formal ties with them (meeting only during holidays), or facing constant arguments after marriage regarding family functions, the way his side of the family treats you, etc.


Try a Live in Relationship

If you’re not against the idea, then a live-in relationship is a great idea. Live together for at least 6 months in order to acclimatize yourself with the habits of your future spouse. It will serve as a very good indicator as to how your future marriage will turn out to be.


Adopt a Pet

Let’s face it – a pet is a huge commitment. Almost as big as having a child. So if you’ve already been in a live-in relationship for a long time, then it’s time to take the next step forward. It will definitely lay bare how you two will work things out in the future when (if) you’re planning to have a child.


Discuss Finances

This is one of the most important things to do before you get married, and ironically, the one most ignored. You need to know each other’s bank account balances. It’s not an invasion of privacy – it’s about knowing the person you’re gonna marry, inside out. And that includes knowing where they stand financially. Discuss how you will manage your expenses of the wedding, as well as sharing of financial duties after marriage as well.


Discuss Your Marriage Goals

Are you both career oriented people who want to travel when they grow older, or does he want to settle down and have children? Is he okay with not having children, or okay with adoption? Is he okay with you leaving your kid with a nanny and going back to work soon after delivery? You need to discuss such important topics now instead of having a fight later on.


Ask Him His Views on Divorce

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