Many people, even those with healthy and balanced relationships, are afraid that their current partner might lose their interest in them. Many couples are worried about the possibility that their sexual life may become boring as time passes. So if you want to give your partner the chills again and if you want to offer them an unforgettable experience, try these unique things to say during sex.

Things to Say during Sex

Even if you're not very comfortable with whispering seductive words to your partner’s ear or that you’ve never done it before, it may be exactly what your relationship needs. So keep in mind these awesome 7 points:

I Wanna See Every Inch of Your Beautiful Body

Have you ever tried to have sex with the lights on? Now that’s not something most couples think of; in fact, many just prefer the lights off because it gives off a more romantic vibe. But let the lights on this time. Your partner might be surprised. And then surprise him or her by saying, "I wanna see every inch of your beautiful body". Apart from boosting self-confidence, it will make your partner melt and give to you all that his or her beautiful body has to offer.


Come Closer to Me, Babe

They say sex is a matter of trust, and the quality of a sexual relationship may indicate how close a couple is. Therefore, show that you want your partner by your side, since you and your body is craving for him or her. “Come closer, babe” is definitely one of the best things to say during sex.


I Wanna Make Love to Your Body

The majority of people tend to get very affected by the beauty standards imposed on us by the contemporary society. Thus many start getting more uncomfortable in their own bodies, which makes them believe they will appear unattractive to others, even if they are in a long lasting relationship. Hence, always make sure to put the sentence “I wanna make love to your body” during foreplay. You will show your partner that you like his or her body the way it is and that’s something very important in making you two closer to each other.


Words in French or Italian

French and Italian are well-known (or notorious) for having seduction as their field of expertise. And of course, their languages are considered “sexy” almost universally. So, if you want to give your partner the chills, try whispering some quote in one of these languages (or any other foreign language your partner likes) to their ear. You’ll see that the sex instantly gets more exciting. But, pay attention to finding a quote that has a meaning or at least can be understood by your partner. In other words, don’t say something pointless.


Put Your Arms Around Me

Most of us would agree on the statement that sex is not only about gaining pleasure and physical satisfaction, but also about tenderness and the art of seduction. By choosing the right things to say during sex, such as “put your arms around me”, you are telling your partner that you care about him or her and that you want to connect with him or her on something more than a physical level. By saying something like this during or even before sex, you show your partner that your care and more importantly, your love. And isn’t that exactly what everybody wants to hear at the end of the day?


A Line from a Poem/Song

This one isn’t for everybody out there. It’s more for bookworms or for those who share common passions, which include literature, poems and music. There are a lot of seductive songs and romantic poems and you two may have one “special” song whose lyrics you know by heart. Saying the lines of that song out loud might instantly make you more desirable to your partnering, forcing them to grab you and make love to you the way you never did it before.


Oh Yeah, I Like That!

When it comes to things to say during sex, never forget to let your partner know when he or she manage to make you satisfied. It will help your partner gain confidence and continue offering you such pleasure, but this time with genuine interest (as opposed to making you happy for the sake of making you happy). But, make sure to ask your partner what he or she prefers in bed and maybe once in a while, you partner will say this line to you (without even reading this article). Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


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