When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you’ll find that it becomes increasingly difficult to communicate with your partner, much less express your love for him or her. Everything that can be said and done has been said and done. This applies both to married and unmarried couples and most of them struggle to find new ways to make their beloved feel special, without having to go overboard. Don’t worry. This article will cover how to deal with this issue, and will guide you towards things to say to someone you love.

Things to Say to Someone You Love

If you are the type of person who is looking for new and different ways to make that special person, feel, well, special, then try out these 10 wonderful things to say to him or her.

"I'm more in love with you today than I was yesterday"

Now this is the type of dialogue you’ll often get to hear in rom-coms, but how often do you bother repeating these words in real life? You don’t. Most people are stuck with the clichéd “I love you” which eventually burns down to “luv ya”. The thing about this sentence is how it’s specific about you, your feelings and the time frame in which your love increases. It’s the type of sentence that’ll make your partner think about how you sit down and actually think about how much you love him or her.


"You make my problems disappear"

Not all your compliments have to be taken literally – what needs to be understood is the underlying context, telling your partner how he or she makes your life happier and easier. In this case, a line as simple as “you make my problems disappear” can sometimes prove to be a lot more powerful than those magical 3 words.


"You just make me laugh like nobody else"

A sense of humor is always appreciated. If your man or woman has a funny bone, is an amateur comedian or simply likes to be the Chandler of the group, then this line will definitely make an impact on him or her.

This is definitely one of the things to say to someone you love. Because it shows that his or her efforts of making you laugh or smile not only don’t go in vain, but work as effectively as he or she had hoped. The humor needs to stay alive in a relationship. So if you can’t make your partner laugh, at least you should appreciate his or her efforts of making you laugh.


"My heart still races when I see you"

Sure, you’re in a steady, committed relationship but that doesn’t mean the spark has to die away, does it? Yes, things may not be as exciting as they were before, but that’s only natural. This is why you have to go out of your way to spice things up! Try and remember how you felt when you saw your partner’s face for the first time – the butterflies in your stomach!


"I love your body, babe"

In a world where we’re surrounded by photoshopped models, actresses and even sports athletes, how often do you find someone who’s comfortable in his or her own skin? More importantly, how do you assure your partner that he or she doesn’t have to be stick thin or have 6 pack abs in order to be “attractive” to you? Sure, you two love each other and you both know it, but when was the last time you said something that would make your partner feel not only comfortable, but confident in his or her body? This is one of the best things to say to someone you love.


A “thinking of you” text

Sometimes when your SO is working his or her ass off at the office, something as simple as a text proclaiming that you’re thinking of or missing him or her is more than enough to bring a smile to his or her stressed-out face.


"You look better today than the day we met"

Again, with the sheer pressure media puts on us to look perfect and flawless, comes the added pressure of not looking old, tired, weak etc. even when you’re at your worst. The thing about this compliment is that you can use it generally (You look better today than when we met) or specifically (You look good today). Either way, it will immediately boost the confidence of your partner, especially when he or she has been having a rough day. It’s the smallest things we can do and say that make the biggest impacts, so make sure you go out of your way to make your partner feel good.


I love watching you _____

These are definitely some of the things to say to someone you love. Every once in a while, it really is okay to appreciate all the good things that your partner does, especially if those things are hobbies or activities he or she loves doing. It can be workout, photography, painting, working or even cleaning the home on his or her days off. Don’t be stingy – compliment him or her and your partner's smile will be worth it all.


"Everything was worth it"

Every relationship goes through its ups and downs, and it’s during these downs that you need your partner the most. Sometimes, your partner can have some doubt about your relationship, like where it stands and where it heads to. Maybe he or she simply can’t deal with the negative outlook you and your friends give. In such cases, just sit right next to your partner, offer a hug, look him or her in the eye and say “Don’t worry. Everything was worth it”


"I hate everybody, except you"

This is one of those things to say to someone you love for all those cynics out there. If you hate being romantic but still want to make your partner feel special, simple and you don't have to go overboard the Romance Train. So what do you do? Use a quirky one liner that is sure to bring a smile to your partner's face. Call it a muted compliment, a funny “special thing” to say or whatever it is you’re most comfortable with. But if you and your partner share a quirky sense of humor, this one’s for you.


"I hope we can grow old together"

Now this one’s a deal maker. If you’re into a committed relationship and haven’t had the talk about marriage yet, something as simple as this compliment will be more than enough to solidify your partner's faith in you, and show how much faith you have in your relationship! Needless to say, this tops the list of things to say to someone you love.


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