What do men love about women? This is a question that rings in the heads of many women repeatedly. Men are not half as expressive as women regarding their inclinations, which makes women wonder what exactly turns them on or turns them off. The secret is out – it’s not all about your dress code, the conversations you have and how you carry yourself. There is actually more to it. Here are some of the things women do that men really love.

Things Women Do That Men Love


Adjust His Necktie

This is particularly for those who are married or in long-term relationship and living together. A man loves having his woman adjust his necktie after he's done dressing. Do this in the morning as he prepares to leave for work. While it might sound corny, this little gesture is both adorable and intimate.


Flip His Hair

This is one of the most seductive and deliberate gestures on the list. Almost everyone loves to have their hair fiddled with. It’s sensuous and relaxing, and can be seen in practically every romantic film or show. The best part about flipping the hair is that it won’t cost anything and hardly takes any effort. Your man will be swooning as soon as your fingers start to work their magic.


The Way to a Man's Heart….

You know what they say about a man and the stomach. Whip up an awesome meal for him once in a while and he’ll love you for it. It might sound cliché, but it’s true. Men love the sight of a woman wearing an apron and looking all ravishing. You can be sure the kitchen won’t be the only thing heating up as you feed each other on a delicious homemade meal.


Moments of Silence

Men tend to be more silent than women. It might feel a bit awkward for you at first, but give him some space sometimes. You don’t have to be away. Just sit in the couch without talking and enjoy each other’s company. Many men enjoy such moments and it might earn you some brownie points.


Touch Him Gently

Men are generally rough and tough. You can only imagine what the soft touch of a woman does to him. A deliberate touch infused with romance and sexual tension will make him go wild. It doesn’t have to be in an intimate part of the body. You can touch his firm hands, his chest or any other part of his body. He’ll go nuts.


Move Your Hips Seductively

Want to drive your man wild? Move your hips seductively. This is definitely one of the things women do that men love. Put on a pair of low-cut pants, catwalk struts or hip-hugger jeans and give him the show of his love. This should preferably be in private if he’s your man. You could also give him a show as you walk in front of him in the streets. He’ll enjoy every minute of it as his mind goes wild.


Wear His Shirts

He may not tell you this, but men love it when you disappear into one of his shirts. The sight is just disarming. It’s not quite like having him squeeze into one of your tube tops (yuck!). The double standards are appealing, but you can be sure he’ll be celebrating on the inside as you walk around in his shirt.


Get Scared by Silly Things

Remember how you once encountered a cockroach in the kitchen and got so scared you almost jumped out the window? He came to your rescue and murdered the creepy-crawly for you, didn’t he? Then he couldn’t stop laughing and teasing you. Men totally adore this kind of reaction in women. It’s kind of cute after all. The good thing is that women generally have an irrational fear of little things such as cockroaches and spiders and men like to feel needed and strong. When you show signs of vulnerability, it makes him feel macho.


Lay Your Head on His Chest

Put on a movie, lie on the couch with him and snuggle your head into his broad chest after a long day at work. He’ll do a lot more than just wrapping his arms around you. This makes him a protector and sends a subliminal message that say “I trust you and I’m comfortable being around you”. He’ll love it. This is one of the things women do that men love.


Show Some Affection

While you may imagine that men do not seek out affection, this is not necessarily true. Demonstrate your love to him by doing small and simple things like holding his hand as you walk down the streets or make him his favorite dish after a horrible day at work. It doesn’t have to be anything out of this world. It’s the little things that really count. These are some of the things women do that men love.


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