There is such a thing as being too close for comfort. Here are a few things you’d rather keep to yourself; better safe than sorry, after all.

Part 1


Steamy photos via MMS: This is something you’d rather avoid at the beginning of a relationship. Especially if you don’t know who’s going to have access to his phone at his workplace, for instance. Or if you think he could be cheap enough to laugh about it when he’s out with the guys or juvenile enough to make it public after a fight/break-up. The solution? Sext instead.


Hot pics clicked together: Again, not something you must do in the first phase of a relationship (how long that is, depends on the connection you share). If you do click some naughty photos together just for kicks, delete them later on. And see that he does so too, more importantly.


Sex tapes: Not recommended with somebody you’ve just started seeing — however “unbelievable” the connection is and irrespective of whether you’ve hastily promised to spend your lives together. What if you break up and he makes them public on social networking sites, for instance? You don’t want your reputation and several relationships going down the drain, do you now? 


Password protection: The point of a password is secrecy. While two of you may share a helluva lot at the moment, remember that passwords to email accounts and social networking sites could open a Pandora’s Box. Because we all have a past, and not everybody has taken the initiative to erase all traces of it.


Phony business: Is your boyfriend one of those jealous, possessive, obsessive that “checks” your cellphone for messages, call log, etc.? Well, it’s your fault for starters. You shouldn’t have allowed him to do so in the first place. If you do the same, shame on you. And you both need to work on your trust issues.


PC woes: There’s a reason why it’s called the personal computer; it’s personal. You don’t want to take the risk of him coming across some not-so-savory documents and pictures from your past. You may have left them there out of nostalgia, ignorance or sheer laziness, but chances are he isn’t going to get that.


Bank information: Think twice before sharing your account details, PIN code, et al too early on. You need to reach a certain phase in your relationship before you decide that two of you trust each other completely.


Family secrets: There’s absolutely no need for you to air your close relatives’ dirty laundry and bring skeletons tumbling out of family closets. Secrets must remain so, for obvious reasons. You can share it with him in good time if the need arises.


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