Depending on whom you ask, the dating app Tinder can be a boon or a bane. A lot of people think of it as a handy tool to pick up one night stands, while the other spectrum of people shiver at the type of people who exist on that app, not to mention the transferring of various STDs because of the hook-up culture the app has created. So while we’re not in any way negating that you may find true love on Tinder, we’re here to share the awful experiences some people have gone through because of a date they chose through Tinder.

Tinder Horror Stories

Which one of the following horror stories on Tinder do you think is the worst? Go through them all, let us know in the comment section below and share your stories with us!

Appearance deceives

I began talking to a really nice and sweet guy and things were really smooth for about half a month. Then I started to get phone calls from a girl, who my date claimed to be his nerve-racking roommate who was madly in love with him and was desperate to get his attention. But it turned out later that this girl was his current girlfriend. They just moved here because the guy said he always heard weird voice in their old house and could even have a conversation with them. That really gave me a chill no matter what the fact really was. To make things worse, he wasn't even a citizen and was trying to get papers. So, thanks, Tinder, for making me scared and stupid. – Melisa, 26


When cats (and asthma) attack

This is one of those Tinder horror stories that you never heard of. So I went back to the place of this really hot dude, and yeah, we starting kissing and having fun. Things started heating up and we headed to his bedroom to have sex. We took off each other’s clothes and I went down on him to give him a BJ. 30 seconds in, I feel a "plop" on my head and in complete surprise, my mouth clamped down and he shouted out in sheer agony. If that was not enough, it turned out that it was his pet cat (that I didn’t even know he had) that landed on my head. When I shooed it away, it decided to sit on the bed so that it could just stare and observe at us while we were having sex.

Then I noticed that I was having trouble breathing. I immediately blamed the cat and excused myself to go to the bathroom, where I saw my eyes in the mirror – they were bloodshot red. I rushed out to get my inhaler, and yeah I calmed down 3 minutes later. The worst thing about the entire fiasco was that guy’s attitude – he sat nonchalantly on his bed, pretending as if nothing was happening. I’m glad we didn’t have sex. – Tay, 28


Bulimia, or.........?

Want some more Tinder horror stories? Oh man, I got so many, where do I even begin! Alright, so I met this chick on Tinder who seemed nice and I thought it would be great if we had coffee first so that we could know each other a little. So we were chatting up to each other and I remembered a 10 dollar note slipping out of my wallet and falling on the ground. I bent down to pick it up, and I could see my date from the corner of my eye. She didn’t know that, and she took my looking down as an opportunity to put her 2 fingers down her throat so that her gag reflex would be triggered.

And guess what? It worked. It happened so quickly that by the time I could sit up straight and asked her why she did that, she vomited literally all over me and the coffee table.

She left immediately after, leaving me drenched in her vomit, with the entire cafe staring down in disgust at me. – Robert F, 29


It was a complete Sausage fest

You want Tinder horror stories? Get this. A guy I knew, Ronny, who by the way is a complete douche, hooked up with this pretty hot chick on Tinder. So after having sex with her 2 to 3 times, this girl invites him to a party at her house. He agrees and to his surprise, 99% of the people there were guys. Not wanting to seem like a jerk, he started talking to some of the guys and within a few minutes everything became clear.

The girl had invited all the guys she had sex with to her party just to populate her birthday party. LMAO! Ronny was very embarrassed, and kept calling the girl a slut but we all knew that a) Ronny’s a far bigger slut than that poor girl and b) he only called her names because she was smart enough to fool him. We laughed at this for a very long time.—Andre G, 26


It can be clingy

People on Tinder are trying to have a fling and one night stands. But the unexpected always happens dramatically. When you’re a lesbian, you take what you can get on such a dating app with most of its users being male. So, there was this chick who I found on Tinder – pretty but a little eclectic. Didn’t think much of it because it wasn’t meant to be something serious (and I made sure I told her this in the beginning).

After 3 weeks of awesome sex, I dialled it down because I had professional commitments to take care of. But that girl wouldn’t take no for an answer. That weirdo started leaving 5 voice messages daily, and by the end of the 2nd week, started crying on the voice machine, begging to take me back. She told me she’d already announced to her family that she had found the right person and begged me to company her to her second cousin’s wedding as her date. Needless to say, I changed my number and that was the last time I heard of her. – Kerry M, 21


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