Women, in general, are more emotional than men. It is much more common to hear that a man breaks a woman’s heart than vice versa. Of course, this has nothing to do with genetics – it’s due to societal conditioning which requires women to be emotional and men to be stoic. And unfortunately, a lot of men take advantage of women’s emotions; it can be really sad when it happens. Some women find a way to move on whiles others are just crushed for a lifetime.

It always begins great, the relationship you know. It’s all hearts and roses but somewhere along the line, in a moment of vulnerability, a heart is broken. Here we will share 3 firsthand experiences of women who are hurt deeply and badly, and wrote letters "to the man who broke my heart" to vent their emotions or seek closure.

3 Letters to the Man Who Break Your Heart


When the Betrayal Involves a Friend

Hi Damien,

I should have known you were not good news, but I guess I was naive. We met at a concert and it was love at first sight. Remember? Then you came over and immediately asked me out to dinner. I was just out of a relationship and you seemed like an angel from heaven.

I still remember when the cracks of our relationship began to form. We had been together for 5 months and you were already talking about marriage. I was so happy; I thought I was finally with my soul mate and I have to say even now I still feel you were my soul mate; but that may be my hormones talking. You had gotten an oil and gas job in the UAE and I was still in college. Remember when I said I was with a friend and you asked to say hi to her? I should have known you were bad news when you asked for her number but I was too in love and naive to be suspicious.

I stupidly gave you her number and she told me you two started talking. I didn’t mind. I thought you felt for me what I felt for you. You told me you were going to a place with no network for a few months and I believed you. And then you just broke off contact, only to see you three months later making wedding plans with my friend. I don’t know who to be mad at? Myself or you or her?

I still wonder today.

A letter to the man who broke my heart coldheartedly.

Signed - A confused Rachel.


When the Sweet Wedding Becomes a Nightmare

Micah, I don’t really know how to begin this, so I’ll start at the end. How could you even conceive the thought of standing me up on OUR wedding day? I know I am not perfect, but I think that what you did was a bit extreme. You knew I've been dreaming about it from when I was a little girl. You told me you would make my dreams come through and in the one year we were together, I didn’t think you would break my heart like this. I’m writing this letter not because I am angry. In fact, I am sipping my coffee while writing it. Like I said, I am not perfect and neither are you, and that’s okay.

But I’m writing this letter because I didn’t think it would be you who would betray me like this. Did you know that I spent 6 months under therapy to be able to write this letter to you today? I was diagnosed with clinical depression, and all the while I was being treated, I kept replaying every moment of our relationship. I replayed the nice things you said to me: I was back at the moments where you assured me that you loved me and that our story would be epic. I didn’t know this is how you meant it.

It is strange because if you wanted to hurt me, you would not have spent all my money very easily… and that is why it is so heartbreaking. What evil could I have done to deserve such betrayal from you? I wish I could say you are wicked, but again, I am no angel. This is not how I wanted things to be between us, but it is what it is. That’s life, I guess.

I won’t wish you the best in life – I simply wish you get what you deserve. And on that note, I end my letter to the man who broke my heart, AKA, you!

Your "one true love"



When Love Is Defeated By Reality

You know Seth, I never believed in true love till I met you. We shared so many memories and I don’t think I will ever love anybody the way I loved you. If you felt the same way I felt, you would not have let a medical test destroy our lives together.

So what if we share the AS genotype? Is it a guarantee that we will have SS children? It is all probability and the fact that you would let probability outweigh what we had – which I thought was real – is disheartening. I am writing this to you, to the man I loved, to the man who broke my heart, just to let you know that even though I don’t know if I will ever be happy again, I am glad that you chose to do what you did. I am grateful to you because I learned so much about human nature from you. It really hurts I will admit.

I still cry when I think about it; it is hard for me to trust anybody but I know I will recover in time. I know I am a strong woman and my only fault was trusting the wrong guy. I know one day I will look back on this and laugh at how gullible I was. I need to write this letter for closure. And I feel much better now. Goodbye Seth. You were a lesson well-learnt for me.


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