Do you have a crush on someone and just don’t know what to talk about with him/her? Talking to a crush of yours is quite challenging sometimes, especially when you run out of topics to talk about. As you are probably worried not to say anything that might look bad to the one you like, you will feel nervous and anxious at the same time. Don’t worry about it as you are not alone. Almost anyone has been at least once in the same situation. But you can be well prepared; here are some topics to talk with your crush.

Topics to Talk About with Your Crush


Get to Know Your Crush

Normally, a conversation starts by introducing to one another. By talking to your crush, you will get to know him/her better. There is always a lot of personal stuff you can share with your crush, or he/she can share with you. Just make sure not to talk about embarrassing or painful situations on the very first date. Perhaps, your crush might not like to get into too many details, or sharing certain things might make you feel uncomfortable.

Normally, you want the other one to like you, so stick to safe topics and memories while getting to know each other in the very first days and weeks. Make sure to create a feeling that you are enjoying the conversation and that you would like to know more. Ask your crush questions as well, if there is something specific you would like to know.


What Are His/Her Passions?

Never be shy to ask your crush about his/her interests as you might find some common things which will just give you more topics to talk about. The conversation will become even more interesting, if you two happen to share the same interests or passion for a certain thing. This will just increase your opportunity to meet your crush again and talk even more with one another. For example, if you like to watch movies, you can both go on a movie night and enjoy it.


Compliment Your Crush

Topics to talk about with your crush? Compliment is a good choice. It doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or boy, everyone wants to be appreciated as it will boost their self – esteem. You can always compliment what they are wearing, accessories they have or anything else which will let them know that you notice details and are very interested in getting to know each other.


Talk About Funny Things

Talking about funny things is always recommended, especially when you want someone to like you. There is no need to be all serious. Instead, tell a joke or bring out something funny that you recently read on a magazine or watched on TV. By making him/her laugh with your humor, you will make sure that he/she will date you again.


Talk About His/Her Work

There is a good topic if you choose to talk about work. Ask your crush what they do for a living, if they are satisfied with the job they have, or perhaps what their dream job would be. Also, you can tell your crush what you do for a living. If you happen to work on similar jobs or maybe even at the same working place, then for sure you will have a lot to talk about.


Talk About Life Experience

Talking about life experience can be an interesting yet serious topic to talk about. You can always talk about some good life experiences, as well as, share some rough times you have gone through in life. You can always speak to your crush about how to overcome these problems and how to be positive in life.


Talk About Current Events

You don’t know what to talk with your crush and can’t think of any interesting topics to talk about with your crush? You can always talk about the current events happening in your town. You can inform your crush about a concert, art exhibition, theater or anything else currently happening in the socio-political circles. Maybe you and your crush can find an event that you would both enjoy attending.


Talk About Weather

Perhaps talking about the weather with your crush might sound boring, but it doesn’t have to be. Just make sure not to make the conversation too boring. For example, if it is a nice weather, make sure that your crush knows that in such a beautiful day going for a walk would be a nice thing to do. He/she will definitely join you and you both can have a nice couple of hours together in nature. In cases of a rainy day, you can always pick something to do inside, so you don’t get all wet.


Talk About Travel

Are you an adventurous type who loves traveling? Perhaps your crush is too? Talking about traveling is always great as there is so much to talk about, especially if you love traveling. You can talk to your crush about places that you have traveled so far, or about places that you are planning to visit in the nearest future. Ask your crush about where he/she has traveled so far or would like to travel. If you or he/she is not a travel lover, there is still a lot to talk about. Just don’t worry about it.


How About the Future?

Are you worried about topics to talk about with your crush? How about the future? Just make sure not be too scary by talking about your future together on the very first date. Instead, you can talk about yourself and where you want to be in the future or how you imagine it for yourself. You can also ask him/her about the future and where they see themselves in a couple of years. If you prefer, you can also talk some more serious topics like the future of the world, for example.


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