Men born between July 23rd and August 22nd fall under the sun sign of Leo, which is represented by the lion. The lion is the king of animals, majestic, fearless, intelligent, powerful and dominant.

The Leo man is a born leader. They are highly self-confident, energetic and ambitious, which makes for an extremely magnetic personality. It’s easy to recognize a Leo man; he is dignified, strong and always the center of attraction. Traits like stubbornness, arrogance and aggressiveness are sometimes seen as negative, but these are the character aspects that make the Leo successful and powerful.

Part 1: Leo Man Traits


Strong and self-confident

The Leo first and foremost trait is strength. He exudes raw power, which is one of his most attractive traits. People around them are automatically drawn to him for leadership and protection. Leos are self-confident and always go straight for what they want in life. Perhaps, this is why Leo men find success early in life. Their self-confidence, which makes them stand out in the crowd, is hugely attractive to women.


Energetic and Ambitious

Leo men are incessantly busy. They will always be able to achieve the impossible no matter what the circumstances. The ability to over achieve will sometimes make him too demanding of his own team’s shortcomings sometimes. His ability to see solutions where others see problems is what paves the way to success very early in life. He will always find work and he will always be in demand for his abilities.


Creative and Intelligent

The Leo almost always thinks out of the box. There is nothing that shocks him in the bed or out. In times of trouble, he puts the past behind and looks ahead ready to face square on whatever life hands over to him. He is exceptionally good at professions where he can have free hand to do what he likes, such as acting, management, politics, education and engineering.

He is intelligent and in touch with the reality. To impress him, you need to be a little more than a “pretty face and sexy body”. He needs someone with whom he can talk both light and deep things.


Romantic and Passionate

Leos are perhaps among the most romantic among the zodiac sun signs. They will shower their lovers with flowers and expensive gifts and they never forget an important date. They love compliments and shower compliments as well. They however, need to be treated like kings to activate the best in them. Respect him, admire him, shower him with affection and attention and you can have eat out of your hand.

In the bed he is extremely caring lover ensuring that you are as satisfied as he is. He loves teasing and adventure in bed and he can be insatiable when he is happy. He’ll do anything you say as long as what you ask is not degrading or demeaning.


Devoted and Protective

The Leo is a devoted lover, husband, boyfriend, father and friend. As a life partner, he is faithful, possessive and jealous. As long as you have eyes only for him, he is a pussycat; look around and he can be confrontational and aggressive. In a secure relationship, there can be no one more pleasant to be with than a Leo.

He is fiercely protective of everyone he considers his – lover, friends, family and anyone who asks him for help. He will always be there to help and will literally give you the shirt off his back if you need it.


Loyal and Generous

The Leo is extremely loyal in all relationships and expects the same from his people. He is not very good with his finances and he likes to gamble; but he will give you his last penny without you asking for it, if he feels you need it. They go totally out of their way to help and often do more than expected.

As a lover, he will shower you with gifts always offering you the best – flowers, diners, jewelry, and all. He loves good things and his gift will reflect an exquisite taste.


Dominant and Aggressive

A lion trait, the Leos are dominant. It’s not for them to follow anyone. They hate to be contradicted and are very aggressive when provoked. If they are challenged they will go all the way until you back down; so, if you are planning to confront a Leo, be very well prepared.

Their aggressive nature is one of the key traits that get them far in their career very early. They work hard, and they never take ‘no’ for an answer. When faced with obstacles, they either find a way or make a way.


Stubborn and Arrogant

Leos do what they want to do. They are able to take quick decisions and will stick to their guns in spite of the heaviest opposition. Their self-confidence often borders on arrogance, but this trait far from being negative, comes across as one of the most attractive to women. This is what makes him stand out in a crowd.


Sensitive and Territorial

The Leo is surprisingly sensitive and his feeling can be easily hurt. He needs constant attention and praise. He cannot tolerate to be ignored or criticized. Anything that is not the way he wants means criticism – especially, in places where he considers his domain such as his home, workplace, team, etc.


Playful and Humorous

The Leo man is devastatingly charming when he is in his element. He has a disarming sense of humor and can charm you off your feet before you know it with only friendly banter. Be aware that he does not laugh easily when jokes focus on him, though.

He loves playful teasing and is hugely turned on by witty chatter. Leos love to be challenges mentally or physically – and he finds a woman who can think on her feet very sensual.


Affectionate and Warm

The Leo man is a protector by nature. He will always be there for you when you want him and he is not afraid or embarrassed to show his affection in public or private. He makes an excellent father as he will take time out to be with his family whenever it is needed. There is a caring and warm nature that makes him very appealing as a lover.


Additional Traits

Leo men have deep appreciation for the fine things in life. They like to have the best that money can buy – car, house, clothes, gadgets, etc. They are emotional and sincere when they are happy and insanely jealous and possessive when they are unhappy. They have a terrible temper that can flare up quite as suddenly as it calms down. They forgive easily and rarely hold a grudge.

Leo men are strongly sexual and owing to their irresistible charisma, they will go through many lovers until they find the one that is meant for them. They are playful in bed and quite adventurous. They like to tease and welcome anything new making him a passionate and skillful lover.

Part 2: Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs


Aries: March 21st to April 20th

Aries and Leo match is perfect from all angles. Both have passion, are immensely proud and believe in equal partnership in relationships. There is tremendous amount of harmony between you, just enough to survive the dramatic clashes that result from equally volatile temperaments.


Taurus: April 21th to May 20th

Both are loyal and stubborn, traits which will make this relationship work long time. There would be powerful conflicts because both have an inflexible temperament, but since both are not comfortable with change, both will remain committed to the relationship.


Gemini: May 21st to June 21st

There is the fun-loving, playful side in both of you that make this relationship perfect. They are great friends and totally compatible lovers. Both find each other captivatingly interesting and delightful.


Cancer: June 22nd to July 22nd

Leo likes to be dominant and Cancer is fine with it. There is a lot of love and warmth between the two, but Leo is uncomfortable with Cancer’s moodiness and insecurities and Cancer can be hurt by Leo’s constant dominance.


Leo: July 23rd to August 22nd

Both being proud and self-centered, it becomes difficult to live together as none would concede to be dominated by the other. There is a mutual respect and admiration, but most other traits will either lead an exceptionally wonderful relationship or a disastrous one.


Virgo: August 23rd to September 22nd

Virgo is a perfectionist while Leo craves for approval and hates criticism. Virgo is self-sufficient emotionally, while Leo needs his to be boosted by love and praises. The Virgo’s fixation on being particular about everything can drive the Leo to the walls. Not a relationship that will last long term.


Libra: September 23rd to October 22nd

Both romantic at heart, both attractive and both lovers of the fine things in life, you will find each other’s company delightful. While Leo is decisive and strong, Libra is flexible and gracious with Leo’s ego. This is a perfect relationship where the traits of one seamlessly complement the other’s.


Scorpio: October 23rd to November 21st

Stubborn, proud and strong-willed are traits that will attract you to one another and then bring on massive clashes. Both are also possessive and jealous, which makes long term relationships a challenge.


Sagittarius: November 22nd to December 21st

This is a made-for-each-other match. Sagittarius seems to sense what Leo wants and responds instinctively. There is a great attraction between the two ignited by the fun-loving nature of Sagittarius, which promises a long and mutually enriching relationship.


Capricorn: December 22nd to January 19th

The traits of Capricorn and Leo are totally opposite. While Capricorn likes quiet elegance, Leo likes flashy and loud, where Capricorn is down-to-earth bordering on cynical, Leo is optimistic and cheerful. These are not opposites that attract, but the types that repel one another.


Aquarius: January 20th to February 18th

A good match as the Aquarius’ intelligence and keen sense of adventure appeals to the Leo; and Leo’s warmth and charisma delights the Aquarius. The traits that Aquarius and Leo have are opposites, but these opposites attract.


Pisces: February 19th to March 20th

Leo and Pisces make a comfortable relationship. While Leo loves the center stage, Pisces is happy with the backstage. Pisces is subtle and sensitive, which will ignite tenderness in the Leo or total frustration. Also the passive tendency of Pisces can result in Leo taking the relationship for granted.

Part 3: Tips for Dating a Leo Man


There is one rule to attract a Leo man – praise him to the moon and back and mean it. To hold his attention you need to be able to challenge him intellectually. He needs to be the center stage, even when you are there with him and he does not take kindly to any type of criticism. If you want to draw his attention to anything, put it in positive terms and in an objective manner.

  • Leo is territorial and possessive; if you want him, stop flirting with anyone else and have eyes for him only.

  • Dress classy. He appreciates high class taste.

  • Don’t flirt with anyone once you are with him. He’ll find it insulting.

  • Compliment him all the time.

  • In bed, be ready for anything. There is nothing that shocks the Leo, and he needs variety and adventure to keep passion at peak.

  • If you gift him anything, let it be the best there is.

  • Treat him like a king, pamper his ego and you will have a pussycat in your hands.

  • Never criticize anything about a Leo. There’s nothing that put him off more than this.

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