Truth or Dare is a classic party game that can get really exciting, hilarious, and sexy, especially for you and your partner. Putting a dirty spin on your Truth or Dare questions is a great way to turn up the party, because playing the naughty version, you never know who might end up naked, making out, or both!

Feel Bored? 50 Truth or Dare Questions (Dirty) Are Waiting For You!

20 Dirty Truths

  1. Describe the sexiest outfit you’ve ever worn, and why did you wear it?

  2. Where on your body is your favorite place to be kissed by a member of the opposite sex?

  3. Which one of the guys here do you think has the biggest package?

  4. What is the strangest place you’ve ever had sex?

  5. If you had to kiss a member of the same sex in this room, who would it be?

  6. What would you choose? Having to watch your parents have sex every day for the rest of your life, or joining them once to never have to see it again?

  7. Have you ever had a sexual experience with a member of the same sex? Did you enjoy it?

  8. When was the last time you touched yourself, and where were you?

  9. What kind of porn do you like to watch the most?

  10. Say you and I were to have a threesome, who else would you have join us?

  11. Describe your most embarrassing sexual experience.

  12. If you could have sex with a celebrity, who would you choose and why?

  13. Have you ever masturbated in front of someone?

  14. What is the longest you’ve ever given head for?

  15. Have you ever tried anal sex?

  16. Have you ever fantasized about someone at work?

  17. Have you ever gone to work not sober?

  18. Have you ever fantasized about someone of the same sex?

  19. Have you ever made your own porno?

  20. Would you have sex with your partner in front of this group?

20 Dirty Dares

  1. I dare you to demonstrate your favorite sexual position on your partner.

  2. I dare you to give a blowjob to a banana or Popsicle.

  3. I dare you to take off all of your clothes and continue playing this game naked.

  4. I dare you to give a lap dance to your partner.

  5. I dare you to lick your partner from their neck to their underwear.

  6. I dare you to take your partner to go have 7 minutes of heaven in the next room.

  7. I dare you to unwrap a piece of candy with your partner using only your mouths.

  8. For the next 10 minutes, I dare you to be a sex slave to your partner. You must do whatever they say.

  9. I dare you to give us a strip tease, and all your clothes must go!

  10. I dare you to trade clothes with your partner.

  11. I dare you to take the pants off of your partner using only your teeth.

  12. I dare you to run outside with no clothes on.

  13. I dare you to fondle your partner for one minute.

  14. I dare you to suck on your partner’s finger until they are properly aroused.

  15. I dare you to scream your partner’s name like they are making you cum right now.

  16. I dare you to get off in front of everyone with your clothes on.

  17. I dare you to wear whipped cream underwear and let your partner lick it off.

  18. I dare you to order a pizza, and answer the door naked when it arrives.

  19. While blindfolded, I dare you to kiss three things of your partner’s choice.

  20. I dare you to keep your hand down your partner’s pants for the rest of the game.

Some Dirtier Truth Questions and Dares

  1. Tell us about your wildest sexual fantasy.

  2. Have you ever had an orgasm without taking off your clothes?

  3. Does size matter?

  4. Have you ever tried BDSM?

  5. How many sexual partners have you had?

  6. I dare you to give us your best passionate porn star moan.

  7. I dare you to pour (alcoholic beverage of your choice) on your partner’s chest and lick it off.

  8. I dare you to wear your underwear on your head for the rest of the game.

  9. I dare you to bend your partner over your knee and spank them.

  10. I dare you to seduce your partner without touching them.

Considerations Before Choosing Truth or Dare Questions (Dirty)


Should I Be Really Nasty?

Probably not. Playing Truth or Dare should be a fun way to get to know more about your partner. If you start out with questions that are way out there, you might freak someone out. Warm up to the kinky stuff, ease into it. As everyone starts getting more comfortable, then you can start with the more unusual questions and dares.


A Word of Advice

Never use a light hearted game of Truth or Dare to trick your partner. Don’t ask them to reveal things about their past that could potentially damage your relationship, and definitely don’t use anything they confide to you against them as ammunition in an argument in the future. Try not to pry too much, because you may discover things about your partner that you will have hard feelings about. Playing a dirty game of Truth or Dare should bring you closer to your partner, not pull you apart. So please just be careful.


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