After planning and preparing a romantic dinner date with the girl of your dreams, the next big question is when you should kiss her. Kissing a girl is not as easy as it sounds because this can make or break your image and your “hoping to be” relationship. This question does not only make a man nervous but it also makes him doubt his moves. Like, should he kiss her after their first date? How about on the second? Should he make the first move? What if she gets mad? Well, keep reading because this article can help you.

What Date to Kiss a Girl

One of the most common questions men ask their friends is when they should kiss their date. It is understandable that a man will be hesitant to try kissing a girl too soon because his date might find him too physical or aggressive. This may scare the girl and make her run away, and definitely, there will be no second dates. 

But bear in mind that there are no perfect moments when it comes to kissing a girl. If you feel that the circumstances are appropriate for your first kiss, just do it! There is no rule that states exactly which date to kiss a girl, but below are just a few situations when you can make your move:

  • Goodnight kisses when you drive her home on first date is a given. It is normal that you have thought of this a lot of times, imagining that both of you are standing in front of her door feeling nervous and thinking where to kiss her, on the cheeks or on the lips? Or should you just go for a hug? Don’t hesitate to kiss your date because she is definitely not clueless about this. And just like you, she also has thought of this several times and has her heart pounding, her palms sweating just like yours.

  • It’s also definitely fine to kiss her on your second date if you feel that kissing her on your first date seems to be too aggressive. Your second date will not be as awkward or as nervous as the first one since you’ve seen and spent time with each other already. If the girl likes you, she will let you kiss her. You don’t have to do anything else --just give her a gentleman’s kiss and a simple hug.

  • When to kiss a girl on a date is also important. Win bonus points by surprising her or kissing her under great circumstances, like giving her a kiss on your way to the restaurant, while watching a movie, after she catching you watching her or vice versa...

How to Know If the Girl Likes You

Before kissing a girl, you need to make sure that she’s also into it or you might end up getting a slap on your face. It is important to know if the girl likes you or wants you to kiss her. You will know this by reading between the lines or by observing her body languages. Below are a few tips to help you decode your date.

Observe if she’s enjoying the date

If a girl is enjoying the date, she cannot hide her happiness and enthusiasm, so pay attention. If she asks you to go somewhere else like going for some stroll at the park or to get some coffee, this means she wants to prolong your date because she’s enjoying your company. But if you noticed that she looks bored or aloof, then you should know that no matter what the answer to “what date to kiss a girl” is it is definitely not this one.


Check her posture

Now this one is tricky. When your date turns her body towards or near you, this may be a sign that she likes you. Another example of this is when she keeps her arms open or tries to invade your personal space like leaning towards you or tries to touch you. But this may also mean that her actions mean friendliness or you are just hard to hear that’s why she comes closer to you. So pay close attention.


Observe how she responds to your touch

Another tip is to see how she reacts whenever you try to touch her. For example, if you try to touch her arm but she moves backwards, then that’s a sure sign she’s not comfortable and she’s definitely not ready for a kiss. But if you notice that she smiles, giggles, blushes or tries to move closer to you, this means she’s trying to return your affection.


She stays even if you bid her goodbye

This is not only seen on movies. When you have driven your date to her doorsteps but she still stands on her place after you said goodnight, don’t even ask what date to kiss a girl because she is giving you the green light. Just give that romantic kiss and the rest will be history.


She makes eye contact

If she tries to catch your eyes and doesn’t give any signs that it’s time to go home, she might be waiting for you to kiss her. Just give her a light kiss, nothing more, nothing less.


She doesn’t alight from the car upon driving her home

This is almost the same as the tip mentioned earlier. She feels good about the date with you, is unwilling to leave so soon, might be waiting for you to say something more or even wants you to kiss her.


She lets you touch her

If she lets you hold her hand or lets you embrace her, this may not definitely mean she wants you to kiss her but it gives you the opportunity to give her that smack on the cheeks. Though this is not a green light for that kiss, letting you touch her means she likes you. And in this case, the kiss is just in the corner, right?


Ask her

This is the most direct way in getting the answer to "what date to kiss a girl". There is nothing wrong in asking a girl if you may kiss her, just be a gentleman in asking and be man enough in case she answers no.


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