Teenage girls spend the better part of their existence trying to get their male counterparts to notice them. They spend hours getting ready, finding the right outfit, fixing their hair perfectly, and applying makeup just so because their crush might be around. But one of life’s greatest mysteries is—what do teenage guys truly find attractive? 

What Do Teenage Guys Find Attractive?


A Pretty Face

Guys in general are visual creatures, especially teenage guys. They love a pretty face more than anything. But they are quite turned off by loads of makeup, so go easy. Highlight your features and add a bit of color without going over the top.


High Self-Esteem

Teenagers everywhere struggle with their images and feelings of self-consciousness. So it's a huge turn on, if a girl is confident, carries herself well, and has high self-esteem. Don’t complain about your body issues in front a guy… ever.



Since love and relationships are new for all teenagers, try some light flirting. Don’t make yourself easy, but be a bit suggestive with your actions around your crush. Try slight things like smiling and winking at him when no one’s looking, or brushing against him casually and giggling about it.


Common Interests

Young guys feel more comfortable with someone that they have things in common with. Expressing interest in the same kinds of music he likes, for example, is a good way to let him know he will find things to talk about with you, which eases tension.


Proper Perfume

Our sense of smell is more connected to memory than other senses. Wear a perfume that’s not fancy or flowery, but something a bit sexy and musky. It’ll drive him crazy, and he’ll find ways to be around you just to get a hint of it.



Stepping out in trendy clothes will show your teenage crush that you’re cool and you’ve got style. Guys love a girl who looks good when she goes out, even to school. Impress him by keeping up with fashion trends.


High Heels

What do teenage guys find attractive? High heels. Why? They keep your legs looking long and slim. Also, not many teenage girls wear high heels, so he’ll think you’re more mature and sexy than the rest of them if you sport some high heels every once in a while.


Deadly Curves

As you grow up and sprout some new curves, show it off by wearing clothes that accentuate all your best features. Teenage guys love to see a girl who is curvy in all the right places. It’s all brand new to them!


Smart Girl

Never be fooled into thinking that you need to dumb yourself down so a guy thinks you’re cute. Be proud of your intelligence and try to impress him with it. Guys love challenges, and there’s nothing more challenging than a smart and sexy girl flirting with him, yet still playing hard to get.


A Little Bit of Mystery

Keep a few secrets under your belt, and don’t be a completely open book. Teenage guys are into girls who seem a little bit mysterious. Revealing everything all at once won’t leave him any substance to work with.


Subtle Sexiness

Drive your crush completely bananas by baring a little bit of skin in front of him. Casually stretch your arms up and bare your midriff when he’s looking, but don’t make it obvious. Or bend over in a skirt so he can fantasize about the rest of you.


Your Long Hair

Teenage guys all love long hair on a girl. What do teenage guys find attractive about it? When you play with it and let it swing off one shoulder to the next, when it smells good and clean, and when you pull it off your neck and show him where you wish he’d kiss you.


Blown Kisses

Try not to embarrass him too much, but blow him a kiss from afar. Pucker up your freshly glossed kisser and send some love his way. Follow it up with a wink and a smile, and he’ll think you’re super adorable and attractive.



When you guys are talking, hang on to every word he says and act coy and flirty with him. Make him believe he’s the only thing you can see. If you’re lucky enough to get a compliment of him, blush for extra brownie points.


A Damsel in Distress

The last answer to "What do teenage guys find attractive?" is a Damsel in distress. Guys jump at the opportunity to rescue a pretty girl. Even small things like asking his help to open a bottle can stroke his newly developed man ego. Men love to be seen as strong and manly, helping a girl in need just fulfills their wishes. So capitalize on this every chance you get!


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