One of the key parts of people’s romantic relationships is kissing. It is said that more than half of men and women think that a bad first kiss can wreck a new relationship. Having good and confident kissing skills can spark or fizzle the interest of a new partner. Kissing is a fun, important part of our love life, but what does kissing really feel like and how can you be the master of kiss?

What Does Kissing Feel Like?

When your lips touch, the chemistry is instant. Your body tingles, your chest rises, and your breath is taken. You just have this unique, overwhelming and nerve racking feeling. As you find your love's lips and kiss, your mind slows, time becomes unknown and everything's beautiful. If you want to know more about the feelings of kissing, get inspired by others' stories here.


“When we gaze into each other’s eyes moments before the kiss, it is like we are seeing deep inside our souls. My heart races and I lean in to go for it, eyes closed, and then it happens like a wonderful dream.”


“It can be gross to think about someone else’s lips, mouth and tongue, but what does kissing feel like when you are doing it with someone you really like? It's just amazing! The warm lips and mouth make me feel something deep in my heart. Mm... first, I feel so nervous, then a feeling of happiness takes over and I just don't want the kiss to stop. 

Anyway, I always become so into it that I forget about how long we've been kissing. When I really feel a bond with the guy and my mood is good, kissing can become almost animalistic. The rush gets faster and we really start making out… whatever 'making out' is to you. lol”


“How it feels emotionally and physically is totally different. It's just skin on skin but warm, clearly not the kinda warm you feel when kissing hands or cheeks. It simply feels soooooo good, and I just want to keep going and going and it’s all I can think about.”


“For me, the feeling of kissing is closely related to whom I am kissing. Some guys are really bad at kissing, and once a guy nearly choked me with his tongue and it was horrible. Slow and sensual is the best feeling for me when it's a French kiss, and when you get turned on, that’s when you know it’s right. But when you drool too much, things can be messy. Just keep practicing to figure out what makes you feel hot.”

Kissing Makes Your Whole Body Thrilling


Mouth and face

It all begins with the right tilt; literally, you tilt to the right! The majority of people naturally angle their head to the right when leaning in for the big moment without realizing it. The scent you take in from each other can arouse you. Besides, lips are up to 200 times more sensitive than your most sensitive fingertips, so get ready for a special feeling. When you kiss passionately, about 24 facial muscles are involved. Your mouth produces more saliva and almost a billion different kinds of bacteria are being exchanged, of course most of them are harmless.


Flow of blood

When you are super into each other, that big kiss sends shock waves through your body. Blood flow is then increased in certain areas. The tingles you feel aren’t just imaginary; they come from stiffened nipples, stomach butterflies, and even tingling genitalia due to blood flow.



When you try and think "What does kissing feel like?" remember it is often the adrenal glands that charge your body with a pounding heart, different breathing patterns, sweat, etc.


Brain waves

Your brain cues up dopamine, a pleasure neurotransmitter, and negative emotions become silenced. Besides, the brain also emits a “bonding hormone” from your pituitary gland.


Happy mood

Making out definitely helps reduce tension. Couples who kiss frequently are more likely to enjoy a long and fulfilling relationship because it really does increase a happy mood.

How to Be a Good Kisser


Don’t rush

Slow it down and ease into each and every kiss. If you are super nervous, you are likely rushing without even realizing it. No one enjoys an anxiety driven kiss that is hyperactive and haphazard. Take it easy and enjoy the feeling.


Use the right pressure

Don’t push too hard but also not too soft. People usually press too hard when kissing and it’s harsh and aggressive. Alternatively, it can be limp and dull if it’s too soft. Try warming up with your hand to get comfortable with and get used to that middle ground pressure.


Use tongue smartly

What does kissing feel like when there is too much tongue? Bad, of course! Start with lip action and ease into tongue use when you and your partner are ready. Be gentle and don’t jab.


Tease a bit

Some teasing makes kissing more interesting. There are lots of fun techniques. Back away a little bit, make eye contact while smiling, or try brushing your lips against your partner’s without kissing. Enjoy the game and have fun.


Change it up

Pay close attention to how your partner is kissing and try different things that your partner responds positively to. Adapt and mold your routine to fit and spice things up.


Do what feels good for you

At the end of it, you have to find the style that works for you! Kissing should be fun and easy and make you feel oh-so good. There’s no right or wrong as long as it gives you that special feeling!


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