Look, if you’ve never been in love, you do not have answers to the question, "What does love feel like?" You have only songs, movies, poems and your friends to rely on to tell you what love truly feels like. What’s even worse is how liking someone intensely and being in love are often confused by people, resulting in a lot of confusion regarding where their feelings should be classified as just love or like.

Before we delve into this article, you should know that there are no specific criteria for when or how you fall in love. Different people have different meanings of love, and what’s love to you may just be being friendly to someone else! Even so, there are certain rules of thumb that should be taken into consideration when it comes to how love makes you feel.

What Does Love Feel Like?

Well, have a look at the points mentioned below! Do keep in mind that just because you feel the same way as mentioned below, it doesn't mean that you are 100% in love, or vice versa!

You feel good about yourself

Your doubts and insecurities have vanished little by little over the last few months, and you’ve felt the best about you since the day you were born. Your flaws don’t bother you, you don’t feel the need to seek the approval of others and you’re happy with the way you are now – perfectly imperfect.


He gives you reassurances

When you do have those moments of self doubts of insecurities, his constant reassurances are what push you to love yourself and look beyond your physical flaws. You realize that being this superficial doesn’t really matter in the long run.


You’ve gained a new strength

What does love feel like? It feels like this unshakeable strength inside you, something that didn’t exist before. It is this strength that makes you mentally and emotionally stronger, pushing you to do your best in life and to be a better person.


Your fights never last long

That’s because despite how angry or disappointed you may feel, your feelings of love always manage to rise to the top, forcing you to push back your ego and look for a way to work things out with them. You want to resolve any and every issue as quickly as possible because you really hate it when you’re not talking to each other.


That person is the first you share everything with

Good news or bad, big or insignificant – that person is always the first person that comes to your mind. If it’s something good, you want to double your happiness by sharing with them how you feel. If it’s something bad, you want to lessen your burden by pouring your heart to them.


You compromise

Make adjustments and compromises, which you would have previously died than making, shows that you’re definitely in love. Or at least, you are well on your way to falling in love. That’s because now, their feelings are more important to you than your own.


You always crave their company

Just so that you can do stupid things that couples do – sit at home and binge watch shows on Netflix, do a karaoke night at home, go watch your fav trashy movie together in the theatre, or basically anything that’s low key, not fancy and doesn’t involve a lot of money being spent on it. It’s because you want nothing more than to do stupid things together.


You find those endearing quirks lovely

Things that would turn you off in other people like crooked teeth, loud laughs and a shy nature, are now exactly what you find endearing in your partner. What does love feel like? Exactly like this!


You’re blind to potential mates

Sure you may find members of the opposite sex attractive, but you aren’t attracted to them. Why? Because you’re emotionally fulfilled in your existing relationship and wouldn’t dream of having anybody else by your side.


You put their needs above yours

Because whatever makes them happy is more important to you than whatever makes you happy!


You’re yourself with them

You don’t feel the need to put up any walls or façade when you’re with them. That’s because not only do they bring out the best in you, but they make you feel secure enough to open your heart and soul to them, knowing that they won’t judge you for who you are. That’s because at the end of the day, you know it won't change how they feel about you.


You’re happy

You’re happy inside out. You find happiness in the smallest of things, and you catch yourself smiling at the stupidest of things. Why? Because for the first time in your life, you’re content and you realize life isn’t all about gloom and despair.


You know they will be there for you

No matter who stays by your side or who leaves, no matter what happens to your house or your job – you know that at the end of the day the one person you can rely on, is him or her. What does love feel like? It feels like knowing someone has your back, no matter what, because he or she has promised to always be there for you till the end.


You’re imagining a future with them

I mean sure, thinking about it lightly is one thing. But if you’ve already begun planning on your wedding location, the city you’ll relocate to or the names of your children, then you’re in deep!


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