Girls get dolled up when going out on a date with their crush, this is also applicable to boys, but in a different manner. When boys would like to attract the girl of their dreams, they always put their best foot forward. According to researches, there are qualities of a boy, which, when strengthened, make the boy look more attractive to girls. Listed in this article are the different characteristics that girls want from their guy.

What Do Girls Like Most in a Guy?


Girls like “little” surprises

Flowers and chocolates are classic. Surely, girls like roses and chocolates, but they wouldn’t want their men go broke for buying expensive stuff all the time. Little surprises are enough for them like showing up with a bottle of their favorite wine, or tickets of their much awaited favorite movie. Aside from these, what girls like most are the things that money cannot buy.


Girls like a guy whom they can talk to

Girls would always love talking to their men about anything under the sun. They need to feel that their men are always there to listen and are open to talk about the news, emotions, dreams, relationships or anything. This makes them feel that their opinions are heard and respected.


Girls want a guy who cares for them

Asking your girl how her day was wouldn’t hurt, especially if she had a long and challenging day at work or at home. Make your girl feel that she is important and you are interested with what’s happening in her life.


Girls want a guy who believes in them

Women like men who trust and encourage them, and believe that they can achieve their goals and aspirations in life. Never underestimate girls' capabilities; instead, push them harder. Help them achieve what they are aiming for and be their number one fan. What girls like most definitely includes the support from their man.


Girls want a guy who is appreciative

Girls want their efforts to be appreciated, whether it is the meal they prepared, the laundry they did or the house cleaning. Always appreciate girls' efforts because they won’t do that just for anyone.


Girls want a guy who can be their partner

Women nowadays are for gender equality. Girls want a man who can be their partner in everything, from doing the dishes up to the most important decisions to make for the relationship.


Girls want a guy who can stand up for them

It’s not about knocking someone’s head just to say and prove that a man is fighting for her. When somebody is putting her down, or is minimizing her accomplishments, what she likes most in these situations is a man who can stand up for her. Girls want guys who can speak for them when they’ve become too weak to fight for their rights.


Girls want a guy who can make them laugh

There are times when a girl would feel so low and she needs someone who can cheer her up. On a regular day, if a man can make a woman laugh, that can make her happier; if she is sad, it will brighten her day. Even when she is pissed, making her laugh may make her madder at you at first but it will make things lighter at last.


Girls love text messages

Girls doesn’t care what you text them. Even if it is just a simple good morning, a good night, asking if they’ve eaten their lunch, or how their day went, it doesn’t matter. What girls like most is the thought that you are thinking about them. Sending them a simple text message would absolutely make their day.


Girls want an honest guy

No one wants to be lied to, including girls. Girls want a man who is honest but not brutally honest. For example, she asks how she looks like. You know she gained a few pounds but that’s fine with you so you can answer that she looks beautiful. But there are days that she is not at her best, which happens to anyone and everyone. You should learn to be gentle and never leave comments, like "you look pretty bad today".


Girls want a guy who has good hygiene

It is fine to sweat sometimes, like when it’s the weekend and you need to run several chores. But a guy with dirty nails, dirty and wrinkled clothes, bad breath and body odor is not acceptable. Girls like a guy who showers and shaves daily, brushes his hair and has clean fingers. A guy who bites his nails is also unattractive.


Girls want a guy who will respect them

Never date a girl if you only plan to get her to bed and then dump her. Girls would only want to have sex after she’s married or when she has found the right man who she will spend the rest of her life with. Never force a girl to sleep with you. This is definitely a sign of not respecting her and your love is not as pure as the love she deserves. A girl nowadays maybe crying for gender equality, but respect begets respect. What girls like most is a man who will offer his pure love and protect her.


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