Sure, everybody knows what it feels like to fall in love. There are butterflies in your stomach; you smile 24x7 for no reason whatsoever; and you constantly think of that special someone, etc. But what does it feel like to fall out of love? Are there any specific signs? If so, what are they?

What It Feels Like to Fall Out Of Love

Keep an eye out for the following signs, because they can very clearly indicate what exactly is in your heart:

Your Eyes Wander

The eyes really do say it all. If you feel that of late, your eyes have been wandering a lot, trying to scout for “more fish in the sea”, or maybe you are attracted to people other than your partner, then you should know what's happening.


Communication Is Less Frequent

Now this can be a one-sided or two way street. There used to be days when you used to talk to your partner nonstop about the stupidest of things, but lately you’ve realized that there’s a huge communication gap between you two. You can’t point your finger at it, but you know something’s wrong. Who knows? Maybe you’re falling out of love.


You Say “I Love You” Less

Kind of self-explanatory, don’t you think?


Sex Has Gone Out of the Window

Of course, things won't be as spicy as they used to be in the beginning of the relationship. However, if sex has stopped being a way of life in your relationship this early on, then it’s a cause for concern. Sex is one of the best ways to feel as one with your partner and if neither you nor your partner is interested in it any longer, then it’s a sign that you are growing apart. A deviation of this is you even cringe at the thought of sex.


Hearing “I Love You” Makes You Uncomfortable

Sometimes, it’s not the feeling of being uncomfortable, but lack of happiness at hearing those special words. Why is it so? Why would “I love you” from your partner not make you happy? The answer is simple – it's what it feels like to fall out of love.


Cute Habits Are No Longer Cute

Her snorty laugh, his text messages every 5 minutes, her crooked teeth and his awkward nature – all those things that attracted you before seem annoying now. Of course, things cannot be as cute as they appeared to be in the beginning, but if you feel that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tolerate these things, then you two might be drifting apart.


The Relationship Has Become a Routine

It’s the same thing day in and day out. You wake up, get ready, go to work, work, come back home, eat dinner, watch Netflix together (or separately), have dinner and then go to sleep. It’s kind of like a washing cycle of wash, rinse, repeat. Sure, maybe you two are very comfortable with each other's presence and like leading simple lives. But for the rest of the couples out there, be careful because these are signs of a relationship stuck in a rut.


It Becomes Exhausting to Be Together

Maybe you’re constantly fighting, or maybe you do not communicate any more. Maybe you’re looking for happiness elsewhere or maybe you’re bearing the burden of having to tell your partner you’re not happy with her. Whatever your reasons are, if your partner isn’t making you feel happy any more, then admit to yourself that you’ve fallen out of love.


You Begin Imagining a Life with… Just Not Him

Think. Just think. Why would you even begin to wonder a life without the man or woman you love? Why would you want to give up everything you’ve built with that person to take a shot in the dark with another person? Simple –my friend, you just do not feel love any longer. It's exactly what it feels like to fall out of love.


It’s Awkward Being Around Family or Other Couples

Because they constantly expect you to be happy and very much in love with each other. But you aren’t. You do your best to avoid social gatherings, especially places where people ask you about your “future” together. You cringe at the thought of that.


You’d Rather Fight Than Fix Your Problems

That’s because it’s easier to argue and vent your frustration than to work hard and eliminate the crux of your problems (whatever they may be). And if you reach this stage in your relationship and have been stuck at it for a while, know that you’ve fallen out of love.


Your Outings Don’t Include Your Partner

Or at least, not as much as he or she used to be involved in your outings. Now, you prefer hanging out with your friends, family, colleagues and even strangers…. Anybody but your partner. You either seem to hide your plans from her, or simply don’t care what she thinks when you don’t include her in your plans.


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