Contrary to popular belief, a boyfriend is not superman, but a human being. What this means is that we don’t expect our boyfriends to be perfect – everyone has flaws, right? However that doesn’t mean they have the right to be a jerk either. There are some qualities a guy should have to make him a boyfriend. These qualities are great at hiding flaws and make one cherish every moment spent with him.

What Makes a Good Boyfriend?


He is loyal

Loyalty is a strong feature of a good boyfriend. He sticks with her no matter what. He supports her ambitions. And, most importantly, he defends her. There is almost nothing sexier than a man who is willing to defend his woman. Loyalty is a choice and once a man has made that choice, he becomes such a wonderful boyfriend. Loyalty actually stems from treating others the way we want to be treated. All in all, a good boyfriend showers his lady with a lot of love, understanding, and support.


He is in charge of his emotions

A good boyfriend is always calm. Irrespective of the circumstance, he keeps his words and actions in check. The strength of an emotion is resulted from the amount of thought directed to that particular emotion. Since he is in charge of his emotions, he doesn’t complain, doesn't play the blame game, and looks for the best in people and situations. Being in control of his emotions means he can easily let go of disappointments, which allows him to focus on the positive side. And that is really unique for a happy and healthy relationship.


He is honest

What makes a good boyfriend? Honesty is definitely one of the characteristics. A healthy relationship needs honesty to thrive. A good boyfriend understands the simple truth that if a person cannot handle the truth, then he doesn’t need to be with that person; and that partners shouldn't lie to each other to maintain a relationship. So he says things as they are without fear.

Honesty goes beyond opinions. If he wants something from his partner, he lets her know. If he sees a trait or characteristic in her which he is not comfortable with, he airs it. He knows unspoken words kill a relationship. Since he is honest and willing to communicate, you guys won't fall for the "unspoken word" trap.


He makes her laugh

Laughter is said to be the best medicine with good reasons. When we laugh, we reduce stress and ease tension. Laughter, on a scientific level, releases endorphins which calm us and a calm mind is quite conducive to growth. So having a boyfriend who can make you laugh is of importance. Because the boyfriend is someone you’ll spend more and more time with, it is important that he is also your "stress leveler" to make things easier and make you live happier.


He is a feminist

Being a feminist is not a bad thing; all it means is that he supports and fights for the rights of women. A feminist boyfriend will cook for his woman, and he would do the laundry. He understands that she is as much a hardworking person as he is and he acts accordingly. Breakfast in bed is one of the perks of a feminist boyfriend among other things. What's more, he is more interested in her brains than her looks. Even if this is not all, it is a big part of what makes a good boyfriend.


He is proud to answer to "boyfriend"

If he is shy of the word for any reason, then he is not comfortable with it; that is obvious. The real question becomes "Why is he not comfortable?" A good boyfriend who is proud to answer the name "boyfriend" is a man who is proud of his lady and feels happy and content in that relationship.


He is also a gentleman

A lot can be said about a gentleman, and there are lots of features a gentleman possesses. The bottom line is that he makes her feel like royalty, keeps his promises, and respects her body and her mind. He carries her with pride and is appreciative of her. He calls her and texts her, letting her know she is a priority to him. He listens to her and pays attention to what she has to say.


He doesn’t care what society thinks

He is a rebel in his own right. What makes a good boyfriend is that he is his own man. He knows what he wants and takes full responsibility for the outcome of his choices and decisions. There is a common trait where a man may go to his friends to ask for relationship advice for a misunderstanding between him and his lady. A wonderful boyfriend would never do that. He works things out with her in private and does not listen to the crowd. One who listens to the crowd simply doesn't have enough confidence to make his own decisions and resolve situations by himself.


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