There are so many male models in the media trying to define what a man should look like in various ways every day. And there are prevalent ideas in Western societies about which type of body and character traits should a "real" man have. But there are more into the concept of manliness than just some gender-stereotypical attributions. Here are some of the precious traits a man should have.

What Makes a Man a Man?

Of course, different people have different understandings of what it means to be a man, and they’re all right. This is a purely subjective topic. Even so, here’s a brief summation of qualities that a majority of people look for in a man.

Men aren’t control freaks

Being jealous, possessive, controlling, suspicious or overbearing isn’t part of a man’s personality. Such emotions are best left to man-boys. These emotions are detrimental to any and every relationship, not to mention how they affect the mental well-being of the person going through such emotions.


He knows when to let go

Yes, you should give things your best shot. But there is no point in saving a sinking ship, so to speak. Men know when to give in their best to something, and when to throw their hands up in the air because their hard work isn’t giving them results.


He doesn’t get needlessly aggressive

Especially when it comes to his wife and children. A lot of men think it’s okay to be verbally abusive as long as they aren’t raising their hands. Wrong. What makes a man a man is the fact that he knows when to control his tongue and temper, and how to resolve situations without getting aggressive.


He acknowledges his shortcomings

In a patriarchal world where men are by default put on a pedestal, it’s rare to find a man out there who can not only accept his shortcomings, but also take constructive criticism in his stride. He does not let his ego get in the way of his personal growth and development.


He doesn’t gossip

If you thought only women gossip, then you were misled by a deeply sexist society. Men gossip too; it’s just that they’d rather die than accept it is actual gossip. Discussing other people’s personal lives, or for that matter his own, is not something that a real man does. He knows when to keep quiet because he knows gossiping can never lead to any good.


He respects people’s time

If he says he’ll arrive at 12 sharp, then he’ll be there before time. Never will he make anybody wait (except under extenuating circumstances) because everybody’s time is precious. Not to mention how rude it is to make someone wait.


He isn’t embarrassed to ask for help

All of us need help from time to time, be it emotionally, financially, socially, etc. Most men let their egos come first and would rather die than ask for help. Because in their minds, asking for help is a sign of weakness. However, what makes a man a man is his capacity to understand that he is not perfect, and if asking someone for help makes him achieve something in life, then there’s no shame in doing so. He’s able to focus on the bigger picture rather than get caught up in his ego.


He is a non-conformist

A conformist is someone who has the mentality of sheep – he will do what the herd does without thinking for himself. However, a real man knows that conforming to rules, regulations and customs is okay only till when he’s comfortable with them. The moment something makes him uncomfortable, he immediately stands up for what he believes in and forgers his own path. That’s because he knows that just because everyone is doing something doesn’t mean that something is the right thing to do.


He doesn’t seek approval

A real man is confident in the decisions he takes, because he has thought them through. He doesn’t need anybody, especially society, telling him what he’s doing is right or wrong. He does what he feels right – not what is expected of him.


He makes his own money

One of the easiest ways to know what makes a man a man is to see how he gets his money. Is it from mommy, daddy, a rich spouse or through his own hard work? A real man doesn't settle for handouts when it comes to making his own identity. If he really is pursuing daddy’s business, then he’ll make sure he surpasses his dad’s income or net profit.


He treats women as equals

I mean sure, everybody says it, but very few actually mean it. Letting her pick you up, drop you off, pay the bill or even take the lead in a relationship – these things don’t matter to a real man.


He keeps his house in order

If you’ve ever been casually invited to your superior’s house, you will notice that their house is never in disarray. Everything may not be spic and span but the house definitely isn’t a mess either. That’s because a real man understands the importance of a clean house and the psychological impact it has on himself as well.


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