What makes you love a person? Well, I’ll tell you what isn’t love – liking her for her money or “loving” him for his body. These are all superficial aspects which you eventually grow tired of. What will you do when she’s not rich or he’s not handsome? Love perseveres even though such “tough” times. So if you really want to know what makes you love a him or her, keep reading on:

12 Reasons That You Like a Person


No unreasonable expectations

If he encourages you to do your best and focus on your career - that’s great. It’s a reasonable expectation that makes you want to be your best version.

If he pushes you to make more money so that the two of you can have a more secure future, all the while doing nothing but wasting his time playing video games – that’s bad. It’s an unreasonable demand that pushes you to become more and more stressed when you can’t achieve what he wants.

Know the difference between the two!


He’s not jealous

I mean sure, every once in a while he’ll get miffed that you have a crush on some hot celebrity, but he doesn’t show it. Or better yet – he’s totally comfortable with you and your unattainable crushes, because he knows at the end of the day, there’s nobody but him in your heart.


Her actions speak louder than words

There’s no scarcity of people who will happily declare their love for someone they’ve been barely dating for a week. However, what makes you love a person is when you realize that more than those silly confessions of “I love you” it’s her actions towards you that speak more about her love for you.

You just casually once mentioned to her that smoking isn’t good for her health and from the very next day, you noticed that she reduced her smoking and today, she’s been cigarette free for 5 months now!


He actually listens when you share

A lot of us have the tendency to zone out when people share their inner most thoughts with us because let’s be honest – that requires a lot of effort and responsibility. However, it’s not so with him. When you vent, he lends an ear. When you wanna share something, he becomes as excited as you. When you want to simply talk, he’ll always be up till 5 in the morning, listening to your silly argument on why dogs are better than cats.


Nobody knows you better than her

Sometimes, what makes you love a person is how they know those sides of you that not even your closest/best friends know exist within you. They know all there is to know about you – right from your embarrassing childhood incident when you peed in your pants, to knowing where you keep your porn stash in your bedroom. And she’s okay with it – she accepts your flaws because she knows nobody is flawless.


She makes you feel secure

When she sleeps by your side at night, hugging you, you look at her face and smile. She’s given you a kind of emotional security that you’ve always craved but never got. She takes care of you when you’re unwell, reprimands you if she catches you doing something (like smoking) she told you not to, and gets angry when you eat junk food. Yep. She’s a catch.


He puts your needs before his

And in a good way. He’s not a push over who will always sacrifice his well being in your favor. That’s wrong and unhealthy. However, he always takes your efforts and needs into consideration whenever making plans that involves the both of you (and sometimes, just him). So essentially, what makes you love a person is how they can become selfless in a relationship and actually think more about you and your happiness, than their own.


He accepts his faults

Whenever you two have an argument because of something he did or said, you do argue furiously but when things have calmed down, he will come to you and accept that it was his mistake. He doesn’t play the victim card or start bringing out all your flaws, because he knows that’s immature. And that is what you love about him – his ability to accept his faults without bringing his ego in between.


He gives you space

A lot of people believe that being in a relationship means being stuck at the hip 24x7. But he knows that’s not true. You two love each other, but that doesn’t mean your lives revolved around each other. Yes, you have your relationship, but you have a life beyond that as well. He enjoys time with his friends and encourages you to spend time with your friends and family as well. An unhealthy emotional dependence on him is not something he wants from you.


She thinks of a future with you

When I say “future” I don’t necessarily mean getting married and having kids. No. It simply means that 2 years or even 5 years down the line, she has made a plan/goal for her life and it involves your presence. In fact, it wouldn’t be a goal if you were not in it. And such dedication towards your relationship is what makes you love a person.


She gives you her undivided attention

When you’re in love, you don’t ignore them. You give them your attention when they demand it, and even when they don’t. You don’t consider it a chore but part of your responsibility as a partner, and that’s exactly how she is.


He treats you as an equal

A lot of men will say that they treat women as equals, but their actions seldom match their words. But not with him. He will always help you with household chores, will always encourage you to focus on your career and never pressurizes you to settle down with him. He is happy with leading a life that makes you happy, and that’s what matters the most to you.


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