Understanding what men want in a woman is easier said than done. That’s because society has trained us to believe that men want only women who are young, thin and pretty. But that’s not necessarily true – men want things from a relationship that have nothing to do with looks! What men want in a woman goes much deeper than simply a pretty face. Here’s what will really get a man’s attention. 

What Men Want in a Woman


He wants to be your white knight

A man wants to be the one who comes rushing in to be your hero. He wants to feel as though he can give you all the things you need, and that you won’t have to look elsewhere to find the fulfillment, love and attention that he wants to give you. 


You accept him

A man needs a woman who loves him for who he is, nothing more and nothing less. A man needs to feel as though he is loved all the time, even when he does things that are foolish or silly or even wrong. Having that love from a woman matters more to him than he could ever explain to you. 


He wants you to tell him how you feel

You say what you think and mean what you say, and you aren’t afraid to tell him how you feel. A woman who is willing to speak her mind and express what she wants and needs from her man will have a happy partner indeed. Too often men are asked to read women’s minds – don’t make him do that and he will adore you. 


You talk to each other

A man needs a woman who will talk to him about anything and everything, holding nothing back. He wants to hear about what is going on in your life, and he wants to know how he can make that life even better. He also wants to be able to talk to you, so if you have open communication, life is good. 


To have our own lives

What men want in a woman is the same thing a woman wants – to have her own life. A man wants you to be happy and healthy with your own things happening, and not to depend upon him for your happiness or entertainment. He loves being with you, but he loves his private time, too – and so should you. 


You are confident and secure

A woman who is happy with herself and comfortable in her own skin is a huge turn-on for a man. A woman who lets that confidence show is even better. Be secure in who you are, and rest assured that he will love you for that alone. 


He’s attracted to you

You don’t have to be the pretty little princess that won homecoming queen, but you do need to be someone he can imagine being in bed with! If he is attracted to you, then he is going to be very interested. Keep in mind that attraction means different things for everyone, so you don’t have to be a supermodel to get his attention – just do the best you can with what you have. 


You have a sexual appetite

A man loves a woman he will get along with in the bedroom, and that’s where sexual fun comes in. You don’t have to be a goddess in bed, and you can even be a virgin! But if you have an appetite for sex and touching, if you want to try new things and want to do it all with him, he will be one honored fellow.


Let him meet your needs

A man who knows what you want is a man who will be happy to give it to you, if he can. By making it clear what you need from him he will be much more likely to stick around for the long haul. After all, the more he knows about you, the happier you both will be. 


Bring out the best in him

A woman who makes a man want to be a better person is someone who will keep him around for a long time. He will notice how much better he is when he is with you, and that will make him want to grow up even more. A man needs a woman who pushes him to his full potential. 


You’re trustworthy

A man needs a woman he knows will be there no matter what, and that means serious trust. What men want in a woman is simple when it comes to that: Be honest with him, and trust him to be honest right back. 


You’re spontaneous

Even after you have been together for years, you can still surprise him. And better yet, you let him surprise you! Don’t come up with roadblocks for why you can’t do it, and don’t say time is an issue. Throw all caution to the wind and act like you did when you were teenagers! 


You care about everything

Sure, you can say “I love you” to him a million times a day. But he really wants to know that you mean it, deep down. And not only that, you care about others, too. The more giving and loving you are with those around you, the more you will have to give him – and he knows that he will get the best part of that loving you can dish out. 


He finds support as a father

If he has children, or if he will have children with you in the future, it is vitally important that he has a woman who supports his position as the father and head of the household. For a man, being a father is the most important thing he will ever do. A woman who supports him in that is a woman after his own heart. 


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