Did you know that a majority of users on Tinder are men? Specifically, 62%, according to the research firm GlobalWebIndex. There are 2 men for every woman on Tinder, which means women have more options to choose from and have a say on who gets to have sex and who doesn’t. And even though a lot of men luck out with the ladies and blame women for being superficial, women reiterate by saying that it’s the men who behave in an off-putting manner, forcing them to choose other potential partners. Conflict seems never end.

So What Not to Do on Tinder

So what are the things that men all over the world are doing wrong? Read on to find out! And don’t worry, we have women’s faults covered as well.

You just focus on her body

Alright, we see the irony in that. Tinder, being an app for having one-night stands, is obviously based on physical attractiveness of people. BUT if all you’re gonna do is talk about how “hot” or “banging” a woman’s body is, there are greater chances of you being turned down. Why? Because you’re not the first guy to tell her that, and you won’t be the last. If you matched with her, it’s obvious to her that you’re attracted to her. Showing her that you’re only interested in her body, and not her as a person, is definitely going to put her off.


Not putting effort into the conversation

Yes, we get it. Tinder is not the place to have lengthy conversations. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be polite enough to sustain a conversation. Replying with “haha” or “lol” or “k” doesn’t exactly show enthusiasm on your part. This also makes the interaction very boring and gives off the impression to the other party that you may not actually be enjoying their company.


Nagging is a complete no

Wondering what not to do on tinder? Well, this is a complete no! For those who don’t know, nagging is the art of wooing a lady that begins by mildly insulting her, almost always on her appearance. The aim is to bring her down a few notches by making her insecure, making it easier to make moves on her. Now, a lot of dating gurus will swear by this technique, but guess what? You’re not a guru, and in today’s world, this is called being a complete dick. Plus, everybody in the world of Tinder knows about this technique, which means that it’s going to make you look bad.


Woman doesn’t respond

Ladies, we get it. You get dozens of messages daily and sometimes it becomes impossible to respond to all of them. But don’t make it a habit, will you? It’s kind of rude to just blatantly ignoring someone’s personal messages to you. Swiping right means you’re interested, right? Or did you do it to see if he swiped right on you? Either way, not a very classy move. Don’t ignore a man, until and unless the guy’s being a complete jerk like feeling the need to send a photo of his penis to you as a way of introduction. In that case, ignore the shit immediately and completely!


Share life stories with a one night stand

See, the thing you need to know is that almost every young adult on this planet has emotional baggage with them. Breakups, money problems, drug or alcohol addictions, the death of a loved one, bullying..... the list is endless. And guess what? We call it life. It’s never fair. If you’re wondering why you’re not getting many guys interested in you, then you may have to focus on what not to do on tinder, and spilling the beans is one of the things you should stay away from.

You’re on an app well-known for being the go-to for one night stands, and who would want to go through your weepy emotional stories when you start pouring your heart out to them? Not many. Why? Because they’re on Tinder to have fun and sex. If they wanted to have an emotional connection with someone, they would have chosen to sign up on a conventional dating app instead. Get a grip and don’t be a needy person.


When the profile has only selfies

This is bad on 2 levels. First, in a world of selfies where hardly anybody bothers getting actual images, Tinder apps of both men and women will be full of selfies. A few are okay, but if all that you have are selfies, then what exactly will make your profile stand out in a sea of other prospective people guilty of doing the same?

Second, too many selfies make you appear as a narcissist. And do you know who is attracted to narcissists? Not a lot of people, that’s for sure. So if you want to improve your chances of being swiped right, put up some actual photos. This is the most important tip on what not to do on tinder. Too many people are guilty of committing this crime.

More Things to Avoid on Tinder

  • Humor and jokes are great but be care it can backfire if not handled properly.

  • Do not use group photos or photos without you inside it. Who will swipe right if they don't even know your look?

  • Guys, like it or not, women can dislike you even if they are not lesbians. If this happens, don't act like jerks; just back off.

  • Religion related topics may limit your chances of getting laid.

  • Certain level of photoshoping is acceptable, but do not overdo it. Or the person talking to you may expect a complete different person.'

  • Also do not use photos that will make others have nightmares for the rest of their lives, like one that you are drawing yourself in the tub.

  • Photos with celebrities will make you come off tacky in most cases.

  • If you have a robotic opening line, do change the name to whoever you are talking to when you copy and paste it.

  • Do read the profiles before you swipe right. You may come across someone with complete different beliefs as you or worse extreme thoughts.

  • Providing complete profile is important. If you get nothing to introduce yourself, how can you blame others to not give you a unique pickup line?

  • Do not use too much emojis in your bio. We are all not 14 years old, okay.

  • If you swipe right and start a conversation, then keep the conversation going. Do not play games and reply his or her message once in a day or with a few hours' intervals.

  • Talking and chatting are good, but do not forget about the real business. Guys ask her out!

  • Never make spelling mistakes in your profile or riddle your profile like With aLl thAt, yoU SuReLy… This only makes you come off as uneducated.


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