Ok, so you’re feeling super cute, you’ve got a whole bunch of friends all of whom think you’re pretty awesome, and your parents think you’re the best thing in this century! But how come that guy you’ve been crushing on hasn’t paid any attention to you? Frustrating, right? Knowing what teenage guys want in a relationship can often be tricky. But understanding what your budding Romeo wants in a girlfriend can help move things along from friend zone to a first date!

What Teenage Guys Want in a Relationship


It’s OK to Message First

Everyone will tell you “Don’t message him first, or you will look clingy.” especially when you’re first getting to know a guy, but that isn’t always the case. Ok, maybe don’t send 15 messages before he’s had the chance to reply to the first one, but one “Hey, how are you?” won’t hurt! If he likes you, he’s probably more than happy to hear from you. But don’t over analyze if he suddenly stops replying, sometimes things just come up. No doubt he will pick up where you left off later like nothing happened.


Text Chemistry Is a Must

As sad as it may be, in the modern era of Facebook and WhatsApp, being able to build up chemistry simply through 140 characters and a cute smiling emoji is a must. The truth of the matter is that if there isn’t much chemistry via text, then it probably isn’t going to go much further.


Make the Conversation Going

There is nothing worse than being out with someone who never has her phone out of her hand! It is awkward and extremely off putting! Keep your phone in your purse strictly for emergencies. If you’re on a first date and feel shy, or you’re running out of topics, ask him something. Try preparing yourself before the date by making a list of questions in your mind, that way if the conversation flow starts to slow, you will have something to pull out of the bag and get it going again.


Take Time to Listen

We all know that more often than not, it is all too easy for girls to talk, talk and talk some more! Of course, sometimes that is totally fine. But no matter how much he likes you, he probably doesn’t want to hear about that you saw One Direction for the fifteenth time! Sometimes it’s nice for guys to talk about themselves too, so make time to listen to what he has to say.

Even better, try asking him about the things he’s interested in. What’s his favorite basketball team? Who does he want to win the Superbowl? Maybe his answer will leave you at a total loss, but at least he will appreciate you taking an interest in what he likes.


Take an Interest In What Matters to Him

Maybe you will never understand why he wants to spend 15 hours a day playing Call of Duty, but he also probably doesn’t get why you lose your mind over a pair of new sling backs. Fact is, boys will be boys! But he would much rather you be by his side in the things he enjoys. So ask him to teach you about his favorite sport or computer game and use that time to have fun together.


Be Funny

Of course, all guys think they radiate sheer hilarity! However, more often than not, they aren’t quite as funny as they think they are! What teenage guys want in a relationship is someone who isn’t afraid to outdo them on the humor scale! If you can make him laugh, he’ll never get bored!


Suggest Fun Couple Things to Do

Secretly, guys love the occasional sunset walk or picnic on the beach. But suggesting such an outing to his dude friends would probably mean he would be ridiculed for it, well until the end of their friendship! “Hey John, remember that day in high school you said we should all have a picnic under a tree after soccer practice? 20 years later it still kills me!” But this is the perfect opportunity to have a fun experience together and create a special memory for you two as a couple. Win, win!!


Have Your Own Life

It is important to have your own life that keeps you busy, and that you can choose to include him in when you can. Guys don’t like clingy girls who NEED to be with them 24/7. Plus, you should never ditch your girlfriends for a guy; that’s a big N-O in girl code! Guys like it much better when you have your own life and don’t depend on them too much, because they need some time with their guy friends occasionally too!


Be Straightforward

Guys aren’t mind readers and most of the time a subtle hint isn’t going to get you what you want. Most guys need a little direction! So, don’t be afraid to say what you want. “Hey, I really want to go to this place” is only going to help him out!


Lock Your Eye On Him

What teenage guys want in a relationship above almost anything else is loyalty. They want someone they can trust, which, of course, should go without saying. You don’t have to tattoo his name on your arm (no really, don’t go there), but he should know that your only interest lies with him.


Little White Lies Are OK

When it comes to relationships, ‘"Honesty is the best policy’" is the general rule and, of course, there are lots of occasions a guy would rather you be straightforward. However, there are occasions when it’s ok to spare his feelings. Remember, you don’t need to tell him his mom’s meatloaf tastes like old boots!


Sometimes, Just Let Him Win

All relationships can run across the odd bump in the road and even married couples fight from time to time. But what a teenage guy wants in a relationship is someone who's willing to let it go now and again. 

Of course, if you feel really strongly about something, then you should make your point, but is it really worth not speaking for three days because he forgot to ask the seller to take off the olives on your stuffed crust? Let him have the last word now and again and your relationship will be better for it in the long run!


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