Heartbreak even happens to the best of us. People react to heartbreak in many different ways, but there’s always a common theme: wallow, sit around in your underwear for days on end, go out and move on. Trying to get over someone can be difficult, and it doesn’t get easier as the experiences accumulate – it’s not like riding a bike or learning how to drive. Heartbreak can be tough, and figuring out what to do when that heartbreak comes can, sometimes, be the toughest.

What to Do When Heartbroken

The route you take will change depending on each breakup; you may be wallowing longer for one, while it only takes a couple of hours for another. If you still don't know how to deal with a heartbroken breakup, here are tips for you.


Sit there in self-pity! Take a day or two to just sit in solitude, cry, and think about what a horrible person your ex is. Build yourself up and tear your ex down; now is not the time to be logical or think things through. Sitting in your PJ’s all day with Netflix on and tissues surrounding you is the only thing that you need to focus on. When you’re the most vulnerable and upset, you have to allow yourself to wallow, or you'll end up opening yourself up to more pain and tears later on when you should be moving on and becoming happy again!


Listen to Sappy Songs

Oh, what to do when heartbroken?….Listen to the sappiest love songs and feel the pain of artists who have already experienced what you are going through. Sappy love songs are only loved when a relationship is still new and exciting, or when it’s dead and broken. Listening to songs that remind you of your ex and songs about heartbreak will get your tear ducts going – and that’s just what you need right now. Bring the wallow and the sappy songs together and you have a match made in heaven.


Re-Evaluate Your Choices

Did you break up because of a really bad fight? Maybe your fight can be corrected once you two sit and talk things through…calmly and like adults. In the heat of the moment, one does not care what the other is saying, but just wants to hurt the other and wins the fight. If your ex turned out to be a huge dud (see: lame ex-boyfriends who cheat and steal and are just scum of the Earth), then learn from your mistakes and think about why you choose him in the first place. Was it his abs or his good looks? Those things can be blinding in the beginning, keeping the harsh reality behind a heavy curtain. So, what to do when heartbroken? Stay away from the one who broke your heart in the first place!


Get a New Haircut

It’s always the same thing when ladies end a relationship: go out and get a new haircut. It’s not as permanent and crazy as a tattoo, but it helps bring on a fresh new look with your fresh new life. You may still be heartbroken and sore, and your eyes may be puffy from crying day and night, but getting a new look can do wonders for your look on your own life. Go bold and try something different; or try something that you know your ex would never have liked. This is the time to really look into yourself and see what you want!


Figure Yourself Out

Drake has been "doing me" for years now and he’s looking pretty good and is pretty damn successful. Maybe the whole "doing me" thing is the perfect answer when you’re wondering what to do when heartbroken. It makes sense, really; you’ve been so wrapped up in your previous relationship and how to keep your ex happy and how to keep your relationship in a happy state that you forgot to do the things that you truly love. It happens when anyone starts a new relationship; you end up losing yourself in the process. When it’s a great relationship you’ll end up finding yourself in the end, but when it turns out to be bad and has ended, it’s time to head back to what really makes you happy.


Go Out!

No, don’t go out with anyone just yet. You may not be ready for that kind of commitment, even if it’s just one date. Besides, it’s not fair to whomever you are starting to date. They may be ready for a relationship and really start to dig you, but your heart is too raw and wounded. You’re just not ready for that step yet. Instead, head out for a girls’ night of fun, dancing and a couple of drinks. Go out to a café by yourself or to meet up with friends; it really doesn’t matter. The point is to just get out of the house and start having fun again!



If you think you’re ready to date, then don’t just date one person - date many! Go on dates with people you never thought you’d want to date just to see if you click. Your relationship just ended and that clearly didn't work out for you, so why not try something a little different? Now is the time to busy up your social calendar and head out on the town for drinks, dinner, plays, and round after round of mini-golf with the most eligible of bachelors. This is the fun part, the only fun part, about breakups. Live it up!


Find Out Who You Really Like

You’ve been dating for a while and you’re starting to like what you see out there. But….your heart keeps going back to your ex. While trying to date, you’re still a little heartbroken and shaken up, are trying to find a guy just like him, are wondering what to do when heartbroken to feel better. Well…stop. Maybe that specific guy wasn’t right for you, but the type was on-point. So, find someone with similar interests, but a completely different personality and try it out. Or, maybe nothing was good with him and you need to try something completely different. Then, revert to step 7 and date aaallllllllll of the eligible bachelors you can find!


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