No matter how different straight women are across the world, there is something that bonds us all. For every Carrie, there is a Charlotte… and for every Miranda, there is a Samantha. By and by, women come in all different kinds of flavors, but we are pretty much all looking for the same qualities in a man. What are those qualities exactly? 

What to Look for in a Guy


He is confident

Confidence automatically makes one more attractive to the opposite sex, especially confident guys. A guy who is sure of himself exudes a happy vibe, someone you feel comfortable around. Girls are attracted to this quality because it’s admirable and we want to emulate it. Plus a confident guy is always more reliable.


He takes care of himself

Physically attraction is vital, but women like different physical features in men. However, an attractive guy, generally, is well-groomed, smells good, takes good care of himself, and wears nice clothes with style. He wears nice cologne, styles his hair well, and always has fresh breath.


He makes you laugh

Laughing is an aphrodisiac, so a guy who has a good sense of humor is a winner. A guy who can make a girl laugh becomes so much more attractive and relatable in her eyes. Laughter is a positive feeling which makes us associate the guy with good moods and happy feelings.


Talking to him is easy

He listens attentively and he makes you feel at ease and comfortable. A guy who is a good listener is way better than a guy who is completely self-absorbed. He will ask you questions to keep the conversation going, and this proves that he’s not interested in you just for your pretty face.


He’s smart

Intelligence is a quality found in leaders. Girls want a man who can take charge and take care of them. Smart is sexy. Intelligence makes us feel safe and secure. It’s amazing to see a guy who has brains and knows how to use them.


He gets right to the point

Guys who flake all the time aren’t worth anything more than just a bit of fun. Instead, a direct and straightforward approach with women is what to look for in a guy. Someone with this quality is strong, and means what he says as he actively engages you in conversation.


He is a man of integrity

Men with integrity prove themselves time and again how much they can really be trusted. His integrity garners him respect from everyone around him, and, in turn, he is respectful towards others. A man with integrity defends his values and morals, and stands up for what he believes in.


He tells the truth

There is not enough to be said about honesty. To find a man who is truly honest and always truthful is like hitting the jackpot. But it’s not actually that hard to find, as there are loads of honest men out there, but it can be a little bit difficult to tell a good liar apart from a virtuous man.


He acts his age

A good quality for a man is to have is maturity. This means he can take care of himself, doesn’t run away from responsibilities, and is truly independent. A mature man carries himself well and doesn’t act like a fool in public or embarrass you. A mature guy doesn’t live with his parents anymore--he’s grown up and he acts like it.


He stays positive

It’s not so easy to find upbeat and positive people in today’s society fueled by negativity. Being able to maintain a positive attitude, especially when faced with adversity is truly special. A man who finds reasons to be happy is so much more pleasant to be around than a moody guy who gets down about every little thing.


He is constantly improving

Look for a guy who learns from his mistakes. Men often find it quite difficult to accept their faults and blunders, but some men take it in stride and strive to continue improving. The most successful people in the world put forth this attitude and it’s an amazing kind of company to keep.


He shares your values and beliefs

Having core things in common is what to look for in a guy. Sharing the same beliefs and values will help the relationship withstand long-term struggles. Whether it’s something as significant as having the same religion or believing that you should never go to bed upset with each other, you should at least share the same fundamental ideals about life and your partnership.


He makes you want to be a better person

Find a guy who brings out the best in you, and like the person you are when you are around him. This guy is probably someone who teaches you new things all the time and makes you want to improve yourself. Not improve yourself just for him, but in general, for the world. And all of these will come naturally with the right guy. 


He makes compromises

And so do you! Making compromises is essential to a healthy relationship, isn’t it? We’ve been taught this from a very early age. So you don’t want to see the new Marvel flick and superheroes never were your thing… but you should do it to make him happy. And maybe he wants to play video games but knows you want to watch romantic comedies, so he compromises and cuddle with you on the sofa all night. A good man will make these compromises for you.


He respects your family

No, he doesn’t have to like them. Hell, you don’t have to like your own family either. But he should always respect where you come from. This same philosophy applies to your friends as well. Again, he does not have to like your friends, but he should always treat them with kindness and respect if he loves you.


He knows how to please you

In bed, of course. Being comfortable with your guy in bed is the key to pleasure. If you are comfortable with him, you can vocalize your likes and dislikes with him easily. Then he’ll know just what kind of moves to make to turn you on and drive you crazy all night long. Never underestimate the importance of sexual chemistry in a relationship.


He can handle his booze

What to look for in a guy? Find out his relationship with alcohol. If a man becomes a whiney crier after a few drinks, or even worse, if he becomes violent, this is a huge red flag. Run away! The ideal guy can handle social drinking, and he knows how to have a good time and when it’s time to go home. Stay away from men who rely on alcohol to get them through the week.


He embraces your flaws

The best kind of guy to find is the guy who loves everything about you, even your flaws. No one is perfect, and it’s unrealistic for a man to expect that his woman is some kind of Stepford superhuman. He should giggle when you fart and not make you feel bad about it. Your imperfections are what make you unique, and he should love them.


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