You can’t wait to be with your GF or BF… it’s the beginning and it’s so exciting to know that he or she is interested too! With new relationships, the excitement you have can take over everything else. Sometimes though, as couples grow and get to know each other, they learn that the new exciting time couldn’t last. Relationships can get boring and make you feel like you are trapped. There comes a time when couples need to find their own way. When you know it’s time to move on, it’s usually best to break it off sooner rather than later. The more time that passes, the more you can hurt each other. Figure out what to say in a breakup text message and start to get over your ex as quick as possible.

What to Say in an Emotional Breakup Text Message

Get your point across gently, but firmly. Here’s what to say in a breakup text message when you’ve been hurt.

"As much as it hurts, being heartbroken is better than being lied to by you. Goodbye."

"A breakup is not what I wanted, but I need to do it. Loving me wasn’t what you wanted but you pretended to."

"A relationship is supposed to be about give and take, but you just stopped giving and never stopped taking. Goodbye."

"You used to make me feel special, and that’s what really hurts now."

"I am breaking up with you… maybe I will wish I didn’t, maybe I will be happier, but it doesn’t matter because you don’t seem to care."

"I will never deny that I loved you, but with time, things change and so did you. Goodbye."

"I didn’t think my feelings would change for you, but then you changed. Goodbye."

"Our breakup hurts me a lot, but I would rather heal a broken heart than suffer in a relationship with you. Goodbye."

"EVERYTHING is the only thing I regret about being with you. Goodbye."

"Our relationship was my world, but yours was outside of it. Goodbye."

"I realize now that you didn’t change; you were just pretending in the beginning. So goodbye."

"Before you ask me why I am breaking up with you, ask your heart why it didn’t love me the way I deserved."

"You don’t deserve my love. Goodbye!"

"You went from the guy of my dreams, to giving me nightmares. You changed, and I am done."

"You were my number one priority; I am sick of being a second priority to you. Goodbye."

What to Say in a Straight Forward Breakup Text Message

Here are a few ideas for what to say in a breakup text message if you’re feeling a little sassy!

A - I need to tell you something.

B – What is it babe?

A – I broke your Xbox!!

B – WHAT?!?!

A – John, I cheated and I'm breaking up with you…

B – So…… my Xbox is ok right…?


A - I think we need to break up…

B - Aww, your auto correct is messing up again.

A - No I'm being serious…

B - …and it’s doing it again!

A - No! It’s over!!!


A - Hey, I have to tell you something…

B - Hey, I do too

A - Ok, let’s say it at the same time

B - Ok 1, 2, 3

A - Can we break up?

B - Will you marry me?


A - Ily

B – Aww, spell it out. It will make it more special.

A - I’m leaving you.


A - I think we need to spend some time apart.

B - Oh nice, Jen. Dumping me over text. Classy. Whatever, I’ve wanted to be done with you anyway.

A - Well I meant to write "spend some time at Pat’s". Not apart. But this has been enlightening.


A – Hey, sweet heart, did u know the movie called "other people"?

B -- …Nahh, what's that?

A – I don't know neither, but that's what I wanna see…….

B – Are you leaving me?

A – Sorry……


A – Knock Knock

B – Who's there babe?

A – Single

B – Single who?

A – Single you……

B – Really funny babe…

A -- …Not a joke, just didn't wanna be too harsh on you…


A - I want us to be like Selena and Justin.

B - Babe, they broke up…

A – Oh yeah, Seal and Heidi.

B - Uhhh… they split too.

A – JEEZ, OK FINE. Britney and Justin.


A - Obviously, you’re not catching on. It’s over.


What to say in a breakup text message? Here comes another example:

A - Hey, I don’t think this is going to work… I'm breaking up with you. Sorry.

B - Whatever! You'll never find someone like me!

A - That’s the point!


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