Your boyfriend is the strong, silent type, which attracted you to him in the first place, but down the road you feel his uncommunicative style could be hindering your relationship’s growth. It’s easy to feel disconnected from someone who doesn’t often open up and voice his thoughts and feelings. Communication is key to a successful relationship, and effectively communicating can establish a bond between you two. If you’re wondering what to talk with your boyfriend, just consider his interests and recent life events. You can draw a conversation out of him with the right kinds of questions.

What to Talk About with Your Boyfriend


Talk About Sports

Talk to your boyfriend like he’s your friend. Most guys are into sports, so this is a huge topic of discussion for them. Ask him questions about his favorite sport and team, and ask why he loves it so much. Get him to tell you about the times when he’s played sports and ask him what position he played. If you’re also a sports fan, engage in a healthy debate about why you think your favorite team is the best.


Talk About His Day

Guys are different in that they won’t just willingly talk about their daily trials and tribulations, so you have to coax it out of him. It can be as simple as asking him how his day went. This all too often overlooked topic of conversation is a great way to get your boyfriend to open up. Don’t settle for a simple answer like, “it was alright.” Ask him to delve deeper.


Talk About Books

Everyone has a favorite book, even people who aren’t avid readers. Encourage your boyfriend to tell you about his favorite book, ask him about the time when he read it and how it made him feel. You could even try reading a book together! Grab a picnic blanket, head to the park and take turns reading different passages to each other. This is a great and romantic way to get your quiet man out of his shell, and it’s no pressure because he’s talking with someone else’s words.


Talk About Music

Try discussing music with your boyfriend, since it’s a topic of conversation with endless possibilities. Whether you share the same taste in music or not, get him to talk about his favorite bands, ask him what his favorite song is and why, or ask him what his all-time favorite album from start to finish is. Show interest in his music style, and get him to play you some of his beloved tunes.


Talk About Your Future

You don’t have to intimidate him with discussions about marriage and kids, but engage him in conversation about short-term goals and plans. Even in a new relationship, you can just talk about something you want to do next week! If you guys are more serious, you can try to make plans to take a big trip together. Talking about your future with your boyfriend is important to set the tone for the relationship.


Talk About the News

Current events are another good topic for discussion if you’re wondering what to talk about with your boyfriend. You don’t have to focus on bad news and negative stories in the media; instead, try to find some positive things to talk about. But take note that if you aren’t very close yet, it would be in your best interest to stay away from political conversations and debates.


Talk About Secrets

Long talks are necessary in the beginning of a relationship. They help you get to know one another better. If you’ve stumbled upon a lull in conversation, you can ask him to tell you something you don’t know, or even better, ask him to tell you something he’s never told anyone. Don’t pressure him too much, you can even just ask him about his favorite childhood memory or something light like that.


Talk About Embarrassing Moments

Share some of your most embarrassing moments with your boyfriend to make him laugh and feel comfortable. Then ask him to share some of his! People love talking about embarrassing things that have happened to them and it’s a good way to get a good chuckle out of each other. Don’t feel shy about telling him your stories either; just be confident and humorous. He will love it!


Talk About Your Childhood

More often than not, people have fond memories of their childhood and love talking about them. Also, we develop much of our character traits due to what we experience as children. So talking about his childhood can give you a deeper look into his personality and what makes him tick. As long as you are honest and open, your boyfriend will feel that you are trustworthy enough to talk about things that are deeply personal.


Talk About TV and Movies

For a lighter topic of conversation, chat with your boyfriend about television and movies. You can swap favorites and talk about upcoming films. Make a date to go to see something new together. You do some hardcore bonding with Netflix and chilling all night long by binge watching a new series that neither of you have seen yet, or by having a marathon movie night on the sofa.


Talk About Your Friends

Start this conversation by talking about your friends and telling him about who you’re very close with and why. Tell him how you met some of your best friends and how long you’ve been close to them. Then he can talk to you about his bros. If you haven’t met them, then now is your time to show him that you’re interested in this part of his life!


Ask Him Quirky Questions

Start a lighthearted and amusing conversation by asking him something quirky, like if he believes in astrology, or does he think he could live without the internet for a year. Pose hypothetical situations and dig deep into his answers. This is a great way to get to know someone better! Read him his horoscope and discuss what it could mean. You don’t have to take it all so seriously, and sometimes you just need a good laugh.


Ask Him to Play a Game

Try whipping out a fun board game or video game to play together. You can either team up and discuss strategizing, or go up against each other. Make it competitive and fun! You could play cards, chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, or even Twister for some real fun! It may also be fun to use your smartphones to play against each other when you’re not with each other. This is a clever way to get him to think about you when you’re not around!


Listen Intently

Actively listening to your boyfriend when he’s talking will make him more likely to keep talking. Show him that you understand, ask him pertinent questions, and reply with thoughtful answers when he asks you what you think. Face him with your whole body and lean towards him when he’s talking, as body language speaks volumes. Try not to cross your arms in front of him, since this makes you seem closed off.


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