Figuring out what women find attractive can be challenging. Sometimes the preferences of women are just like a mystery. Do women like beards or a clean shaven man? Do they like outgoing guys or the strong, silent type? Read this article closely and you're sure to increase your luck with the ladies because there are qualities that most women find irresistible in a man.

What Women Find Attractive in Men


Height makes a difference

Women are programmed to admire men who can protect them. They love to feel watched over and taken care of, so for this reason most women prefer taller men. It just seems more masculine. But, keep in mind that you don't have to be tall for this tip to work. What really matters is that you are taller than the girl in question. And don't forget to stand tall, no matter your height! Great posture can definitely add a few inches :)


Put away that razor

By and large, women prefer men who have a little bit of stubble rather than a freshly shaved baby face. Men with a "5 o'clock shadow" seem more dominant, masculine, and a little rough around the edges--all VERY attractive qualities in a man.


Women can't resist a deep voice

Again, this one comes down to science: women love men with deep voices because they seem more masculine. A deeper voice also gives the impression of being bigger, taller, and stronger. If you aren't happy with your voice, consider attending a few voice classes to get professional help to speak in a more masculine way.


A toned and muscular body is deadly attractive

For most women, the ideal man's body is V-shaped. This means strong, toned arms and a slim waist. If you feel you are far from this standard, this might be a good time to hit the gym! You can also try wearing well-groomed and well-tailored clothing, such as a blazer and a V-neck t-shirt.


Slow it down

Still wondering what women find attractive? Experts say that men who talk, walk, and move slowly are perceived as more confident, relaxed, and masculine than men who are always in a rush. These are definitely qualities that women find irresistible in a man, so slow it down and take your time.


Have strong social value

Social value is similar to popularity. Women universally like men who are outgoing, are fun, and lead exciting lives that other people want to share. To attract a woman, display strong social value. Go out, have fun, and hang out with your friends. Your full, exciting life will undoubtedly be super attractive to her!


Live in the moment

In this day and age, it's so easy to get caught up with technology. Men who are constantly texting, staring at the TV, or typing away on their laptops are not attractive to women. It's rare these days to find a man who can unplug and simply enjoy life. So, try it out. You'll have more success with the ladies when you take the time to just enjoy the moment.


Go for what you want

There is almost nothing sexier to a woman than ambition. This doesn't mean that guys need to be a super wealthy business man. Instead, it's more about being passionate about something, knowing what your purpose is, working hard, and being willing to make effort to get what you want out of life. Man with these qualities will ALWAYS be attractive to women.


Be worthy of her trust

Honesty, trust, and communication are so important in a relationship. When a woman is evaluating your potential as a romantic partner, these qualities become super attractive and important--they mean that you're a quality guy and a "keeper". So, make the effort to conduct yourself with integrity and be the kind of man she'd be proud to be with.


Be her biggest fan

You may be still wondering what women find attractive in a relationship. Behind every good woman is a good man! Every girl wants a guy who believes in her, dreams with her, and stands behind her all the time. This is the hallmark of a great relationship. So let her know that you're her biggest fan and her greatest cheerleader, and watch her fall in love with you.


Believe in yourself

It may sound cliche, but it's true: confidence is probably the single most attractive quality in a man. While no man can be super confident all of the time, you can always fake it if need be. Just remember to stand tall and smile big. You'll seem like you're brimming with confidence, even if you're actually super nervous inside.


Make her laugh

Right up there with confidence is a sense of humor. Such an attractive quality! So, be your naturally charming self and make her laugh. Humor is definitely the way to her heart.


A sense of style

Women like a man who is clean, fashionable, and put together. Basically, they love it when men make an effort to be stylish. This goes for your hair, your clothes, and even your apartment.


Be a good listener

So many men pretend to listen to women, when they are actually just waiting for their turn to speak. That is definitely not attractive. Women love men with good listening skills, so set yourself apart from the pack and build attraction by actually listening when she speaks. You'll be surprised how far this takes you!


Other attractive qualities

Everyone is different! Every man has his own unique attractive qualities, and every woman's idea of "attractive" is a little bit different. But, in general, what women find attractive may also include talent, a sexy smile, kindness, good eye contact, etc. 


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