What do women want? Women look for different things in relationships. Some want to be committed, some prefer a casual thing, while some just want something in between. However, women can almost unanimously agree on what they are looking for in the man they want to be in a relationship with. This is the right article for you if things are not working out whenever you try to get into a relationship with a woman. Here, we discuss what women want in a man in detail.

What Do Women Want in a Man?



Women want a man that can take care of himself. A man that can make decisions independently, make his dinner and pay rent. No woman wants to take the place of a man's mother. Women want to be sure that you are capable of handling issues as they arise. Women hate it when a man is constantly looking for motivation, reassurance, advice and help.



There is a reason why women are said to be the fairer sex. They definitely look much better than men. Despite the hairy backs, sharp angles and doughy centers, women still want to spend time with men. The truth is women care a lot about looks. Try not to look like a monkey when meeting up with a woman. It is simple -- be well groomed, wear fitting clothes, and try to keep fit.



A list of what women want in a man has to include positivity. No woman wants to end up with a man who is always cynical and sarcastic. To avoid being worked up, they prefer being around men with a positive outlook towards life. It is energizing. A positive man will make a woman feel good. It is contagious and inspiring.


Great communication skills

Women are always teased for speaking a lot. However, it is difficult for a man to win a woman over if they ignore women’s desire to talk. Women prefer men who can express themselves and are willing to listen to them when they talk. They don’t want an attention seeker or a very silent man. Moderation is key. 

A guy who can strike a conversation easily is a turn on to a woman. So, a man should be able to engage with her colleagues at a party, and also be careful enough not to swear when visiting her mother. Women want to be assured you can handle a group of strangers without much struggle.



Among what women want in a man is passion. A woman willing to spend time with a man expects excitement, devotion, adventure, commitment and of course great sex. A guy has to show his passionate side to get a woman interested. Be passionate about anything or at least something, not necessarily bringing out your crazy fantasies. Passion in whatever sphere can be transferred to the bedroom!



When it comes to what women are looking for in a man, a good sense of humor is always there. Humorous people are fun to hang out with when compared to grumpy people. This does not mean that you have to be a comedian or a drunken buffoon. Just know how to tell a joke and take one.


Admirable personality

Men mostly think that women are attracted to their money. Well, some women are, and the same applies to men. But women are not necessarily attracted to rich men because of the weight of their pockets. A man that is successful at work portrays discipline, commitment and a strong work ethic. These personality traits point out to a great partner in a relationship.



You could have all the other traits, but this particular one can fail you. Women want a confident man. You may not be the full package, but as long as you believe in yourself, that is enough. You have to feel good about whatever you bring to the table and be comfortable. You could have the looks, ambition, intelligence, excellent communication skills, but without confidence, you are done!


Respect for women

What women want in a man includes respect for their interests, careers, bodies, friends, opinions and minds. You do not necessarily have to agree with everything a woman says. Just respect her opinion and treat her the way you would like to be treated. The golden rule is -- be fair, honest, considerate and kind.


Quality time together

Spending quality time with a woman is more precious than showering them with gifts and love letters. Treating a woman like priority speaks love. For example, you can help out in the house since nowadays both partners work in most cases. Simple acts like vacuuming the living room, loading the laundry, or taking the garbage out before you are asked can earn you a big smooch when you come back.


Be challenging

Are you wondering what women want in a man? Women want a man that can prod them to explore their potentials. A relationship should not be constant work, it should be filled with surprises and motivation to meet goals. Do not support lazy or bad habits. People who hold each other accountable end up with a happier and healthier relationship.



Nothing excites a woman like a meal prepared by her man. You do not have to be a pro in the kitchen. Greeting a woman at the door with fish sticks or whatever you can make will definitely sweep her off her feet. It shows concern. Woman will be more than happy to know that the man in her life has been thinking about her all day and cares that she has a hectic day.


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