Girls are known to be complicated and hard to understand. Most of the time, they say things they don’t really mean. That is why you should read between lines and dig deeper in order to understand what they really want to say. Just like when a girl says “I hate you”, this may sound hurtful on your part, but the girl may have a different message beneath these words. So what do girls really mean when they say this? And how to decipher the real meaning of what a girl says to you. 

When a Girl Says She Hates You

When the girl you are dating says that she hates you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she has hatred for you or does not like you. Even if it really means hate, don’t interpret it as a confession of the worst feeling a woman can ever feel for you, because what’s really worse is when she doesn’t feel anything for you. 

Actually in most cases, the words "I hate you" only mean that she is temporarily frustrated, disappointed, anxious and sometimes it may even mean that she’s totally attracted to you. So never take the words “I hate you” from a girl as real hate.

Even if she truly hates you, this is a very strong emotion that will serve as a driving force for her, because when a woman feels a strong emotion, she will always think about this. And the more she thinks about this, the more you will be in her mind. And remember, hate can always be turned into a positive emotion such as love because love and hate are the two sides of a coin. 

Meaning of “I Hate You” in Different Situations

When she says “I hate you”, you should analyze the real meaning according to different situations:

  • If she blushes when she says she hates you, she may really mean “I love you”.

  • If she points at a lovely dress or something at the same time, she wants you to buy it for her.

  • If she tells you she hates you and then turns around, it means she wants you to be romantic on her, like leaning close to her or having a romantic dinner date with her.

  • If you surprise her with a small gift and she truly likes it, she might say she hates you but the truth is she is really fascinated with your sweet antics and thinks you are awesome.

  • When she gets mad and tells you she hates you, that does not mean she really hates you. She only wants you to know how much she is hurt because you are not answering her calls or something.

  • Always remember when a girl says she hates you and gives you a sad face, then you are totally in trouble. 

  • When she refuses to talk to you after yelling she hates you, it’s time for you to consult a love guru.

  • When she sends you a text message that says she hates you, she may only want to start a conversation with you, just like how men start “small talks”.

Signs She Really Likes You Even If She Says Otherwise


She keeps on talking about you

Anyone who constantly talks about you is also constantly thinking about you. Do not expect someone who hates you to waste their time and energy thinking and talking about you.


She tries to pursue you

Who says only men can pursue women? Women can try to seduce or tease men. Well, this should not surprise you.


She tries to make you notice her

Don’t believe it when she says she hates you especially when you see her hang out with your friends or on places where she does not usually go but are your favorite resorts. The truth is she is intentionally trying to bump into you.


You see her blush

This is something no one can hide. If you catch her turning red like an apple every time someone says she has a crush on you, well, I guess the answer is too obvious.


You catch her glancing at you

Unless you have snakes crawling all over your arms, or if you constantly catch her stealing glances at you, she is trying to check you out.


Her friends tease her on you

Some girls could not just keep quiet when it comes to their crushes, so it is easy to find this out if you over hear them talking about you.


Her friends play cupid

When a girl says she hates you but her friends try to play cupid for the two of you, then the girl is just too shy to approach you on her own that this is why she askes for the help of her friends.


Your friends tell you she likes you

Listen to your friends because there are things that you don’t notice but they do. Trust them.


She’s trying to make you jealous

If you rejected her and then you see her trying to show you how happy she is with another man, the tendency is she might be still all over you but just want to stir up some jealousy in you to show that you do care for her to some extent.


She becomes hyper when she’s around you

If you notice her energy and talkativeness every time she’s around you, it means she really likes you.


She teases you a lot

Don’t believe it when a girl says she hates you but keeps on teasing you, it only means she has an immature way of showing her crush on you.


She tries to play a prank on you

When a girl plays a prank on you, it does not only mean she likes you, but also mean she wants to have some physical contact with you or she wants to do something cute with you.


She seems disappointed when you ignore her

Maybe that’s the reason why she hates you.


Her actions betray her words

She says she hates you, but her body language tells you otherwise.


You feel something between the two of you

If you feel like being electrified when she’s around, then there might be a chance for the two of you.


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