Alright. So you’ve been in a relationship for years now and there’s no doubt in your mind – he is the man you wanna settle down with. But here’s the bummer – you don’t know if he feels the same way. I mean, sure he loves you and would die for you. But would he marry you and be ready to have children?

I mean, how exactly do you know when a man is ready to settle down?

Signs That A Man Is Ready To Settle Down


He’s grown tired of partying all night

He has reached a saturation point in his life. Now spending the night curled up in a blanket with you, watching Game of Thrones on Netflix is more enjoyable than spending his night at a club dancing to excessively loud music, among people he doesn’t know and wasting his hard earned money on expensive drinks. He’s looking for something more from life, and that ‘more’ is a relationship that ends in the two of you settling down.


He celebrates relationship milestones

Remember when he used to scoff at you for celebrating the smallest of milestones in your relationships?

Well, now he’s begun celebrating them (or at least acknowledging them). And sometimes, he is the one to remind you of important milestones in case you forget them!


He discusses his future with you

He may or may not have exclusively stated that you are in his future, but he’s made up his mind. He wants to buy a house at X, have Y children and maybe even Z pets. If he’s started throwing small hints regarding the same, be on your toes!


He shares his financial history with you

Girl, the only time a man discusses such intimate details with a girl is only when a man is ready to settle down. You don’t get any one night stands whose banking pins you know, do you?


He shares his secrets with you

They could be funny, embarrassing, mortifying or secret that he can’t reveal to others for fear of being judged. But he confides them all to you because of the sheer trust he has in you. Such level of trust is not reserved for someone who is viewed as just a girlfriend – it’s kept aside for women who men see as their lifelong partners.


He owns up to his mistakes

Remember that arrogant little man boy you had met, who would rather die than admit to being wrong? Well, he’s come a very long way. In fact, not only does he accept his fault whenever he’s wrong, but sometimes in order to end arguments, he says, “Let’s just drop this here before it escalates.” thus diffusing the situation greatly. A definitely a far cry from the boy whose ego was his most important personality trait.


He takes responsibilities for his actions

There are men who always shirk their responsibilities.

There are men who sometimes shirk their responsibilities.

But you know that a man who never shirks his responsibilities is when a man is ready to settle down.

And responsibilities don’t necessarily mean always paying off the loan on your joint apartment on time. No. It also includes minor responsibilities like always taking the trash out when it’s his turn, or cooking when it’s his turn to cook.


He doesn’t mind you leaving your stuff behind

Remember when your ex used to text you immediately after you left his place, asking you to pick up the stuff you accidentally left at his place? Yeah, that isn’t the case here because he has already begun envisioning living a life with you.


You get a key

To his apartment, of course. And you don’t need me to tell you what a big step that is! It means that he trusts you enough to share a big part of his life (very literally) with you. Now this key could be for using his place during his absence, or officially asking you to move in. Either way, this is a clear sign that shows when a man is ready to settle down.


He doesn’t groan or flinch at marriage talks

Not discussions about his marriage, but of others. Most guys roll their eyes and make a big deal about how us women make a big deal about weddings, right? But not your guy. He not only accepts it as something normal/natural, but even casually discusses stuff with you – like how a certain flower arrangement looked good or how the music sucked at a certain wedding.

Another variation of this could be him discussing a “friend’s” wedding. He might be testing waters in order to gauge your reaction to him dropping a bomb about his friend suddenly getting married.


You’ve already met his family

Or he intends to introduce you to them very soon. In either case, it shows the amount of confidence he has not only in you, but the relationship he shares with you. Remember – men don’t introduce women to their family that they’re only casually dating.


You’re invited to his family functions

You’re basically his wife. And if you haven’t realized that, then girl, wake up! That man wants to marry you. What you need to do is to stop looking for signs on when a man is ready to settle down, and ask him to marry you already!


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