Some women think that men are always after getting a woman to bed when it comes to relationships, but that’s not true at all. Men, just like women, are also capable of falling deeply in love. They also experience the happiness, sadness and hurt that love can bring. When a woman has truly captivated a man’s heart, what does he do? This article will tell you the different signs that your man is really into you.

When a Man Loves a Woman, How Does He Act?


He checks on you

You can tell that your man has real concern for you if he checks on you through simple phone calls. For example, he not only knows that you have a job interview, a medical appointment or you are simply having a bad day, but also will give you a call just to ask how your day went and to make you feel that he is always by your side.


He returns your call

Men know how much women get upset when their calls are not answered or their text messages not replied. If he replies to your messages or returns a call once he missed a call from you, then he definitely wants to keep you.


He helps you

Men do not exert much time and lots of efforts for women who they just casually date or just want to sleep with. For instance, if your man offers to drive for you once he finds out that you need to run an errand outside the city, then your man is a keeper.


He makes time for you

When a man loves a woman, how does he act? There are so many ways. One of this is that he makes time for you. If he cancels a personal appointment just so he could be with you, then definitely you are on his priority list.


He supports you

Isn’t it very sweet when your man supports all your dreams and helps you reach them? A man who brings out the best in you is the kind of man worth spending your life with.


He is proud of you

A man is really in love with you if he brags about you. He would introduce you to his family and friends, and tell them all your achievements and qualities that make him lucky for having you.


He stares at you

Those secret stares he throws at you are manifestations that his love for you runs deep. With all the other eye-catching women out there, it is only you who has captured his eyes.


He looks into your eyes

Men are known for not showing their emotions to other people. If he gazes at you and maintains deep eye contact, that means he is comfortable and secured with you.


He buys your favorite food

If he buys your favorite food when he goes to the supermarket even if you did not ask him to, that means you are in his mind. And that makes you a special person in his life.


He lets you leave your stuff in his pad

When a man loves a woman, how does he act? Here is a good example. When you try to leave a trace on his place, if he lets you leave your stuff in his place, or lets you arrange his pad in a way that will reflect a woman is present in his life, then most probably you are THE ONE.


He plans for your future

If he considers you in his future plans, there’s no doubt he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. For example, he says that someday he wants to move to San Francisco, and then asks you if you would like to stay there with him, then it’s the sign.


He wears the shirt you gave him

Guys are not really picky when it comes to wardrobe, but it is their nature to show that they are in control of their own identity. But if he lets you choose the shirt he’s going to wear, or simply wears the shirt you had chosen for him, it means that he is giving you the rights to take over him.


He lets you answer his phone

Men are very private when it comes to their personal lives, and that includes their cellphones. If your guy lets you grab his phone, he has nothing to hide from you, which also means he is true to you.


Your orgasm is important to him

For a matured man, sex is not something that he tells his friends to show his manhood. Instead, he understands that it is a mutual desire between the two of you and makes sure that you enjoy every bit of it. He also explores new spots to tickle your womanhood.


He puts his best foot forward for you

He will try to be the best version of himself for you. From the cleanliness of his apartment, ironed clothes, an honest and fair job and attitude, all of these, he is willing to refine just for you. Just like you getting dolled up when going out on a date with a guy you are very much interested in, he will also put his best foot forward whenever he is with you.


He’s not afraid to meet your parents

If your guy is just casually dating you, he would not want to meet your parents. For him, meeting your parents is like torture. He will anticipate that your parents will just judge him, and your dad will interrogate him about his job and if his income could give his daughter a comfortable future just like what his income does with you, your siblings and your mother. For him, that is just so brutal. But if your guy is confident enough to meet your whole family, definitely he is serious with you and sees you and your family as his own family.


For him, you are beautiful

He tells you that you are beautiful. For him, beautiful is the right word to describe you because any other adjective like “sexy” is not enough to define you.


He is not insecure with your success

When a man loves a woman, how does he act when his woman is successful? Unlike those immature guys, he will not be insecure about your successes; instead, he will be very happy for you and support you all the way.


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