Those who have experienced love say that it is a wonderful feeling. There is a certain euphoria that comes with it. Most of the people who have ever been in love know clearly when they give their heart out. It could have been when they answered a certain question a certain way, or the way they stood up for their partner. Whichever way, there is always that one moment where it hits you and you realize "Oh my God! I am in love!"

When Did You Know You Were in Love?

So what is that moment like? How does it feel when one knows that he or she is in love and can no longer deny the feelings? 7 people share their stories here.

The Quiet Observer

It isn't always the talker that gets the attention from the opposite sex. Sometimes it is the cute, smart and quiet observer win the prize. Here comes the story:

"It wasn’t love at first sight. I had seen her for a couple of times before around the school and sure she was pretty but I paid no attention. I knew I was in love when I saw her one day with her friends and they were talking about a TV show. They were loud and she was the only one not saying anything. I was 17 and I remembered thinking to myself "Wow! Look at how quiet and observant she is". After that I didn’t say anything about it for another two months but I couldn’t stop thinking about her, and yeah. That’s when I knew I was in love with her." -Melvin, 25


The Fascinating Voice

There are people who just like good looks, but others, especially those who belong to the quiet type, can be attracted by voices. When did you know you were in love? It could all start with that unique voice and the passion of a young man:

"Being a deep thinker means that I don’t have many friends. My views on things like love, religion, and life in general seem to be way off from the normal. One day in a café I overheard her having a conversation with another guy. And when I heard her speak, I knew I was in love. That was without even seeing her face. I noticed as she was leaving that she was friends with the attendant at the café and as soon as she left, I went to the attendant asked for her name. Surprisingly, she told me her name and the next day, she came back again. I introduced myself to her and well, that was it! We have been together ever since." - James, 51


The Destructive Jealousy

Among all people, the non-believers are the hardest to deal with, but actually they just need some stimulation to wake them up and make them see their true feelings. Mellissa here tells us her story from a non-believer to a sincere believer:

"I didn’t think love existed before I met Dylan. I was in the group of people who said that there was no such thing. Dylan started out as a friend who knew another friend of mine but we got close and we had common interests. He asked me out once and we went on one date. But I told him I wasn’t looking for anything serious and we stayed friends. I knew I was in love the day I saw him being so friendly with another girl. I was so jealous and I started crying, thinking to myself I might have lost the opportunity to be with him." – Mellissa, 17


The Warm Shoulder

Office can be a place full of stress, upset and depression. But when we are weak at some point, gentle words and warm shoulder are all needed to seize our heart. When facing the question, "When did you know you were in love?" Lydia tells us this:

"We were colleagues at the time. He was a sweet guy but I had a boyfriend who was in Ghana. One day I got a simple but harsh breakup message, got really distracted and heartbroken, and then made several mistakes in the financial statements. I was feeling down and he (my pal) left his work to stay with me in my cubicle for about an hour to ensure I felt better. We gradually became friends and he was really gentle and thoughtful. As the holidays in December came closer, he invited me to a concert to help lighten my mood after a whole years' hard work. While at the concert, I started to feel cold and I knew I loved him without hesitation when he put his arms around me from behind with all those people around. My ex-boyfriend didn’t like being intimate in public." –Lydia, 28


The Shy Guy

Shy guys always give a sense of mystery, drawing others attentions and making people want to explore:

"I first met my wife in college. We both majored in physics but never spoke. I joined a friend to a party one day not knowing it was her party. Once getting there, she said "O look it’s the shy guy from class". I told her I wasn’t shy and she asked why I had never spoken to her. We spent all night together, away from the craziness of the party. We had such a wonderful time – being slightly tipsy and all. I fell in love the moment she put her head on my shoulders and said 'next time you see a beautiful girl, don’t be shy'". – Hale, 44.


The Encounter of Old Friends

When it comes to old friends, the question, "When did you know you were in love?" can be tricky because their love comes with time. But when friends part and meet again, it feels like magic and destiny. Sometimes the flame comes instantly and at other times it may need some tricks:

"He was only a friend and we stayed that way in high school. But life happened and we drifted apart. We then met in the same office after six years where we ended up being colleagues but worked in different departments. He would initiate instant messages and we would chat a bit after work. We once even went on a picnic together, where we really bonded. I guess I liked him but I was too stupid to realize that. One day he texted and said he was being transferred to another city and I broke down in tears not knowing what I was doing. I just followed my instinct, asked him not to go, and said that I was in love. And guess what? He said he felt the same way. Turned out he wasn’t moving and was just pulling my leg to see my reaction!" – Ugonma, 25


The Savior

No girl can refuse the hero who pulls her out of that mess. In fact, this rule applies to man too but may be not that magical. This is how Sade lost her heart:

"It was during my youth service year in my home country Nigeria. While I was in camp in Gombe, there was a sudden and unexpected downpour, which soon enough turned into a flood. I was so scared and at about 1am I tried reaching out to everybody I knew but no one would take my call. Then I called Daniel, who was in Port Harcourt and he answered at that time of the night. He told me to rush to the airport and that he’d get me on the earliest flight possible. Despite me saying no many times, he took care of the ticket. I was so moved by his kindness, since I had gone out only on 2 dates with him. I fell in love instantly." – Sade, 32

So what's your story? When did you find out you are in love? Share you story and happiness with us.


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