All relationships experience good and bad days. A good example is when your other half wants to do something totally different from what you would rather be doing, and they want to tag you along. They may want to go out shopping while all you want is to relax at home watching a movie or playing games. All these things come as package for the other half of the relationship.

There are serious signs that you cannot miss that will tell you when to break up. Most people are afraid of walking away from their current relationships and staying single, but the truth of the matter is that it’s much better to be single than to be in a bad relationship.

Signs That Show It’s Time to Break Up

Below are the signs it's time to break up so that you know when to break away from a bad relationship.

Minimized Communication

When you started dating you could barely spend a minute without talking to each other - be it through texting, sending emails, calling, Skype or any other means of communication. Now, you neither text nor call her/him - if anything, you are always dodging her/his attempts to contact you. This is a sign that it’s time to break up.


No Effort

When you were newly in love, you had an abundance of ideas on what to do together. Be it long walks, picnics, watching the sunset among other romantic adventures. Now all you would rather do is stay at home, watch a series or a movie without having to make plans for the two of you. If anything you would rather be all alone.


Yearning for Alone Time

When the relationship was hot and fresh, you would share a shower together in the morning, meet up for lunch or make dinner plans just so that you maximize on your time together. Now all you want is to go out for drinks with your friends or work for extra hours, all in an attempt to reduce the amount of time you spend together. In addition, if you have started thinking about your previous relationships, about single life or even considering cheating, then it’s time to break up.


Withholding Information

For a relationship to be successful, the most important ingredient is trust. In simple terms, this means your share the details of your life with each other. This keeps out any secrets and unexpected skeletons out of the relationship. If you can no longer share the details of your life with your other half, then there is no need of the two of you staying together. When to break up? Now!


Feelings of Resentment

Normally, opposites attract. For example, a shy girl might feel more alive with an outgoing guy. However, when it gets to a point where you feel that which attracted you to in the first place is now annoying or irritating, then you will know when it is time to break up. This simply means the sparkle is fading away slowly and it’s time to walk away.


Misery Has Overcome Happiness

If you realize most of the time you are either arguing or fighting instead of feeling happy, content and in love then it’s time to up and go.


Repeated Conflicts

For a relationship to be functional, whenever a problem comes up the two of you should be able to get to the bottom of it and use that experience as a means of getting the two of you closer. However, if you are always fighting about the same old issues and you do not seem to resolve them, there could be a mismatch in your personalities. This is among the signs it’s time for a break up.


Loss of Attraction

If you have been in a relationship for some time and you suddenly do not feel attracted to your partner any more, it’s time for you to break up. You should date someone you are attracted to.


Straying Eyes

It is normal for a couple to notice other attractive people. However, if your partner won’t stop looking at others in a suggestive manner, they may be feeling that there is something amiss in your relationship. If you are wondering when to break up, this is a good time to do so.


Different Ambitions and Motivation

As the relationship progresses, you might realize that what attracted the two of you is not enough to keep you going for long. You might realize that you are driven by different ambitions and motivations. It might be best to break up instead of wasting time together.


No Sex

Sex might not be the be-all end-all of a relationship, but if you have not had sex in two months or more, then there must be something wrong with your relationship. Either address the issue, or walk away.


Is There Abuse?

When is it time to break up? When the relationship starts being abusive. Whether it’s physical or verbal abuse, you should not think twice - walk out and leave.


Other Signs for When to Break Up

  • Constantly in tears because of your relationship

  • Need to snoop around

  • Discontentment

  • Need to be complemented more often

  • You want them to be a different person

  • Feeling like you are being treated like an option

  • They do not care about your sexual pleasure

  • You want him to compliment or prioritize you much more cuz there’s not enough of it


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