Social media has become a part of our lives now, and one of them is Facebook. It is a good platform to communicate with loved ones who are far from us and to reconnect with friends whom we haven’t talked to for a while. But having “toxic” friends on our social media account can also affect our inner peace and happiness. If you continuously get bothered by your former colleagues who keep on posting their “blessings” on your newsfeed or some friends whom you don’t talk to anymore, then it might be time to clean your friends list. But when should you really delete friends on Facebook and who should you delete?

When to Delete Friends on Facebook


When the friend base is too big

According to studies, keeping 150 friends in real life can cause us to struggle. Experts call this the Dunbar’s number, which means that if we try to keep more than 150 friends, it can strain our brain’s cognitive capacity. So how many more friends are you keeping on Facebook?


When it hurts your actual relationship

If your Facebook friends jeopardize your relationship with your loved ones, then it's time to delete friends on Facebook. For example, instead of savoring the moment with your family while you are having dinner, you are busy scrolling down on your newsfeed just to check how your “virtual” friends are doing.


When it invades your privacy

Facebook may have its tools to keep your privacy, but do you really use them? Don’t you find it weird when you haven’t talked to a friend since elementary but you know everything about her personal life? Well, she knows the same things about you too.


When your newsfeed is stuffed

It is easier to develop more meaningful relationships if you clean your newsfeed not only from friends you don’t really know but also from advertisements you are not really interested in. Think about it -- do you really care if your previous coworker checked-in in a hotel somewhere in the Middle East?


When there are too many annoying people

When to delete friends on Facebook? When they start to annoy you, one of the most common reasons why you need to delete friends on Facebook. There could be too much bragging, game requests, attention seeking, too much selfies, etc.

Who to Delete on Facebook


The braggart

When they start to make you feel inadequate and a lesser person because you don’t get to enjoy the material wealth they have. Though it’s fun to be nosy at times, but if it makes you feel lonely, it’s time to clean your friends list.


The keyboard warrior

Though there is nothing wrong to give your two cents in a topic, it is not healthy to be surrounded by people who keep on antagonizing and picking fights on your timeline. Delete this people.


The debater

When to delete friends on Facebook? When a friend constantly criticizes your posts! Healthy criticisms are beneficial for all of us and having an intellectual debate is good to exercise the brain cells. But nobody has the right to dictate you on how to use your Facebook account and nitpick all things you do and post.


The "loving" parent

There is nothing wrong in showing the world how proud you are with your “perfect” family, but if it keeps on flooding someone else’s timeline, then you might be a candidate when they decide to clean their page.


The game lover

If you are not really into playing games, being flooded by game requests is not fun. Delete these friends if necessary. If you still want to keep in touch with these friends but don't like receiving game requests, give them a polite warning.


Your boss, of course

Unless you and your boss are best friends, it is highly recommended to delete your boss from your friends list. Why? What do you think your boss will think about you if he sees that you were out partying last night and then comes in at work twenty minutes late?


The acquantaince from the past

Have you ever experienced having a friend on Facebook but you just walk past without even saying "hi" to each other when you see them in person? That simply means that they should not be on your friends list. What’s the point in keeping someone on your timeline who you don’t really know?


The poster

Do you have that friend who shares their post on Instagram and on Facebook and on Twitter? It can sometimes be annoying when you see their post, the same post, on all social media sites. If you want to keep everything into place, then you know the answer to when to delete friends on Facebook -- this is the time! Or you may also want to delete apps you are not really using.


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